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We seem to be in a lull in market moving news, or is it more the gyrations within the market that have been put to sleep?  The question offers an implication that the exchanges and human emotions “used” to be connected, which in the past, these major events would have caused market fluctuations in price. It is most famously known as market volatility. We have mentioned previously how the damages to an entire string of islands and flooded land masses seem to mean nothing to the markets, but are there other human events that are not being expressed within all things market besides these examples? Stated another way, is there more evidence to this removal of humanity’s movements from the markets? I sure think so.

We’ve witnessed massive spikes in the Silver and Gold markets when stories like JP Morgan was being investigated for market frauds, or when the CFTC Silver investigation was being discussed. We watched Silver reach a height in price almost equal to the 1980 life of contract high of $50 partly because of this investigation. We also witnessed Gold prices not only exceed the old 1980 price of $887.50, we watched it blow past more than double the price with a top value of $1,921, because life was changing as were the dynamics within the markets but for now, our markets have been given a lullaby.

What may be changing, is everything!  Imo, Algo’s were created in order to control pricings in all things manufactured including all commodities traded on the exchanges, like selling 20,000 contracts of Gold within minutes. At the same time, it seems to me that all of mankind is ready to, or is in the process of, remove central planning in its entirety from the ground up. For good reasons too! Let’s dig in and see if you agree?

We can go back to when the Egyptians finally had enough of their dictator Mubarak. In 2011, a mass of people walked into their cities and squares and literally forced out their leadership with such strength that not even the military challenged the masses. We’ve seen the attempts of not only Scotland but Ireland try to break free from the central planners of Great Britain, but missed out because of the vote count and by those that count the vote. However, Britain was successful in removing itself from the European Union, thanks to an Average Joe type guy named Nigel Farage (a Trump supporter), and boy, what a fight that was!  Italy, Spain, France, and Greece, have all tried to separate (by voting as well) from a union no longer to their liking, but to no avail. On the macro scale, what is this we are seeing?

Most recently Catalonia voted to divorce Spain and it’s central planners for forcing the population to undergo tax increases and more rules to protect a currency experiment that went horribly awry and was not their fault, but since central planners have no skin in the game, they tack the losses onto the back of its people and the planners think nothing of it … That is imo, an unfair international tariff to support a failed system PERIOD!! It is a tax not voted on and the masses are starting to get really pissed at this imposed burden put upon them. I see the probability that those that plan at the top have no idea how pissed those in the work force really are.

All of Europe is going thru another failed experiment in which the populations of all these nations are again, not been allowed to vote on a subject, and that is immigration. The nation’s deciders have forced immigration policies upon their citizens the same way the taxes have been piled on to the work load of the few that do have jobs. It is as if all these G7 governments are working against their own population wants and needs at every turn. When has this ever worked for any nation in history?

Inside the United States, we almost witnessed the same thing.  If Trump hadn’t won, we may have gone the “walk like an Egyptian”(s) with all the law violations administered by a certain party (all at the planner’s level and even within another conglomerate, the media). We are now seeing the dismantling of a union because the central plan has failed to such an extent that those that still have a job cannot afford to pay the governments fees anymore in order to keep our current system afloat. That is because of our global military police unit, the United Nations that we fund, NATO, CAFTA, NAFTA, and all the other central planned economic failures piled on, are not profitable or beneficial to our peoples.

What I think is happening is a complete uprising from the entire global population of the G7 world because of all the hubris created by those that never had a real job but act like they know what the working class feels and needs. I think this is the point of contention in all things and all we’re waiting for is an affirmation. You know, that moment in time in which the central planners say in unison “Oh S**t!!”

There is a fine example (of the OS moment) from a few hundred years ago in which the French population simply pulled out their newly created anti-central planner device (the guillotine) and used it on just about anyone they laid blame on for being forced to “eat cake”, but not necessarily the proper use of law. Mubarak is a most recent example when judicial law is used properly and this guy gets to do the prison walk for life. My hope is the prison doctors use everything in their powers, abilities, with up to date technological methods and medicines to keep that body alive for as long as possible. What a fine example of an extended life prison sentence!

I do feel we are in the change of a lifetime and I do think it will be beneficial for those that are properly invested, but not in accordance to the failed plan that is in the process of being confirmed, but the plan that has protected those that see that the future moves echoing from the past.

These smaller events (cough) like the JP Morgan frauds and CFTC Silver investigations are nothing to what may be considered a whacked out view of mine. But if you see the same as I do, this change is here, we’re simply in the middle of it and it has been painfully slow.

It’s the slow burn of progress that mankind does daily but can’t see the progress unless we look at the long term advancements over the centuries. The planners are planning and so far almost everything they’ve tried has failed in the game of controlled economics. It is time for mankind’s emotions to wake up from the lullaby and take over the algo’s mathematical controls. If emotion is not allowed in the markets, no one in their right mind will ever invest in the non-emotional platform created by the planners for the planners. In short, this change is coming up from the awakened populations and the outcome will be difficult for the economic planners, as in the past. The lullaby may be just about over, then we wake.

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson