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Please Move The Deer Crossing

The above video was re posted on Zero Hedge yesterday, it originally came out last year and is “less funny” now that we have an election coming up.  Please watch (listen to) the clip before reading my post any further…

OK, my first thought was that surely this woman “Donna” was just trolling the radio station to see how far she could push them before they broke out into laughter.  Sadly, I was wrong!  Here is another clip (viewed only 2% as much as the original clip) where she calls back to the radio station to “mea culpa” in her own words, “her stupidity”.

Donna The Deer Lady – The Rest of the Story
After realizing that the original call was real, I started to feel really queasy.  This woman is a voter!  It made me realize that there are people out there in total oblivion that wonder why the government  “allowed” a hurricane to hit the coast or an earthquake to decimate a city.  Why don’t they make it rain?  We need rain!  I could go on and on but the point is, people have been so dumbed down and so used to relying on the government that the word “pathetic” cannot describe.

So I hope you had a few laughs at this poor woman’s expense, what we have allowed to creep into our lives, our society is no laughing matter.  Yes, there are people out there as ignorant or even more so than “Donna,” this is why our Founding Fathers wrote into law the electoral college.  It was their way of somehow trying to circumvent “stupidity” should it enter the water supply.  What they did not count on was a society where “takers” (those who receive unearned benefits) would also be voters.  I forget who it was (Ben Franklin I think) who said that a Democracy can never survive when the voters realize that they can vote themselves benefits from the Treasury.  Putting all “social acceptability” aside, he was 100% correct and this is what the current election is coming down to.  Trash me, send flaming e-mails or water board me, the inmates are very close to running the asylum… this is the truth!

I personally am a fiscal conservative, I lean a little toward the left on a few social issues and no matter what, I WANT THE BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY as a whole.  We were THE beacon of freedom that the whole world could see and covet.  Where do we stand now?  Foreigners, whether you want to believe it or admit it, laugh at us and are “afraid” at what we are becoming.  Our Constitution stood for over 200 years as second to none ever written before… until we stopped following it.  We have stood by as the Constitution has been shred to pieces, stomped on and left in a public toilet for its use.  I am angry, saddened, scared and not very hopeful as to where all of this will lead.

The above said, people sometimes say, “Oh yeah, then what would you do to change things?”  First, I would go back to strictly following the Constitution and not allowing a court to twist it into pretzels by defining what the meaning of “is” is.  For a court to say that the government, my elected officials, can MANDATE that I carry health insurance on my family is stupid and in my opinion unconstitutional.  If I get sick and die, I am only a liability to my own family, it is not like driving a car with no insurance where I can do damage or hurt anyone else.  Yes, there are important issues for the court to interpret, limiting LIBERTY is not one one of them as that is (should be) God given.

I would also STRICTLY follow the Constitution where money is concerned.  Money was mandated to be metal from day one.  In fact, 1 Dollar was even defined.  It was defined as 371 grains of Silver.  The Federal Reserve should be abolished as it was never voted in in the first place by Congress (who did not even have the authority to create the bank under The Constitution) and is not in any way a “federal” institution.  Without a fiat spewing central bank, The Great Depression could not have happened, many wars would not have occurred nor would the world be on the brink of an outright and total monetary collapse.

To wrap this little “vent of steam” up, I am not sure what you would do about people like Donna who are not even as smart as my horse, maybe if you admit that you’re stupid… oh hell, I don’t even have a clue as to what to do about stupidity.  Maybe it should just be made “illegal” by our lawmakers… yeah that ought to do it!