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Recently we asked our readers to take a survey and answer a few questions such as how frequently do you read our newsletter? What other publications do you read? And do you find us “relevant” or “irrelevant?”

Around three-quarters of the responses we got back read our newsletter from three to five days a week.  That tells me that we “preach to the choir” and the choir likes the sermon.

I got a chuckle when 62 people wrote back that they find our newsletter to be irrelevant.  Irrelevant, but they took the time to write us back and tell us that.  There must be a message here, somewhere, but I’m not sure what it is.  But it made me smile.

A lot of our readers read Jim Sinclair, Casey Research, Zero Hedge and especially King World News.  Richard Russell is the most popular of the “paid for” newsletters.  I was surprised that Ed Steer, LeMetropole Café and John Williams did not even show up on the list.

All of which brings me to a brief discussion of why I insert the Featured Articles Section each day.  Many of the articles I bring to your attention clearly are not read by even our most hard-core readers.  And those that I feature, from people that you do read are the “cream of the crop” of what they published the day before, and are also very important.  Sites like JSMineset and Zero Hedge usually offer up many articles every day.  Some are of the must-read category and many are not.  I only bring forth those that are “must-read.”  At least in my opinion.  But then, I am not trying to cover all areas.  I am interested in bringing you primarily information that is necessary to gold, silver, the economy, the dollar and offshore storage.

As far as writing long essays every day myself, which I did for many years, that defeats the purpose of bringing you Andy Hoffman and Bill Holter every day, two of the very top writers in the business.  We try and keep the newsletter reasonably short or at least give you the choice of what you want to read if your time is limited.  They cover the important topics daily and for me to also chime in would often be redundant.

But you can count on me finding very worthwhile information – at least by my standards, that I present in the Featured Articles Section.  If you have already read the material from Jim Sinclair or Zero Hedge, skip it but chances are there will be something there for you from Ed Steer, Jim Willie, Gerald Celente or other writers.  You get the point.

We are very successful “preaching to the choir,” and those who check us out and are not “true believers” will rarely come around to what we have to say.  Too bad (for them) because the day is close at hand where they should have listened, and acted on our information.