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The demand for physical gold coming from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East is so fierce that the gold cartel finding it harder and harder to hold back the tide.  It’s like pushing a beach ball down under the water with your foot.  The harder the cartel pushes on the ball, the greater the pressure that builds from underneath.

Jim Sinclair said today, “The physical gold price and delivery month future gold price are running neck and neck. This means the strength of the Comex is waning, and the strength of the physical market is increasing. The Comex is less capable of forcing price as a result of this”

As of Friday speculators had amassed 17,675 calls at the $1200 strike price level and options expire tomorrow. The Cartel once again appears to have found just enough strength to win the options battle.  However, the fact that gold climbed today by almost $16, the day before expiration, shows they are losing their control!

To the “paper” gold investors and speculators, gold is a mystery. It has traditionally been seen as a safe haven in times of trouble, but often acts just the opposite.  Regularly, gold will be down on the days that logic would dictate it should be up. This counter-intuitive tactic, used by the cartel, combined with the constant options drubbing, keeps the speculators and the public out of the market, even as gold powers higher.  Sadly, it also allows the bullion banks an orderly retreat from their huge short positions, since the public is convinced gold is a barbaric relic of the past and has lost its significance as a safe haven in these troubling times.

Time is running out!  Get real and get longer gold!