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Is this what the Fed is thinking?  If we let the big banks fail, the country slips into chaos.  So, anything we do to keep them solvent and the game in play, everything is O.K.

It’s easier when you think you are helping the people rather than to admit to yourself that you’re screwing them.

Susan commented, “I don’t know how they can say there is no inflation.  I pay more for everything.”  If you make a good living, you can afford the increases, but if you are already struggling and have to chose between food and medicine, you are in big trouble.  The only place that inflation is not rising is in the government statistics.

If you are looking for something positive to take into the New Year, then how about this – you were able to buy more gold and silver this year than in the last two and a half years for your dollars.  I know that many of you feel the same way because we did nearly as much business in 2013 as we did in 2012.  Since the prices are much lower, we sold more ounces.  It’s only the “paper” price of gold and silver that are down.  The demand for the actual metals is strong, very strong.  It should increase in 2014, along with a decrease in mining supply.  Very bullish fundamentals.

My family is visiting next week.  I will be on vacation, but Holter and Hoffman will be writing next week!