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I took Susan to see Flight with Denzel Washington this afternoon.  It’s a great movie and he is a wonderful actor.  After we stopped at Grill On The Alley, one of our favorite restaurants here in Aventura.  We sat at the bar and had dinner and a drink.  Somehow, it always seems to happen because Susan is so very friendly and social, I ended up in a conversation with two older ladies, and one of them said she had all of her money in tax-free bonds.  I gave her a very clear explanation of why that was not a good idea NOW.  With the dollar debasement and inflation that is about to sink us, the last thing anyone needs is to have all of their money in bonds, any kind of bonds, or annuities too for that matter, if denominated in dollars.  The poor old lady was frozen, like a deer in the headlights.  She heard what I had to say and maybe even agreed with it, but people just refuse to change.  Old habits die hard.

Then a man named Mustafa joined in.  He said he taught a class on credit card and debt reduction and he was overheard what I had to say.  He was educated, bright and totally misguided.  He felt taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor was the right thing to do.  He felt that debt doesn’t matter.  I asked him, “If debt doesn’t matter, why doesn’t the government send every American one million dollars.  Wouldn’t we all be better off?  He had no answer.  He said China would never abandon the dollar.  The dollar was not in danger.  He had no idea what higher interest rates would do to the economy and the destruction of wealth that would accompany the collapse of the bond market.  He was as Progressive, Socialist and pro-Obama as one could be.  Nothing I said registered with him.  I asked him one simple question.  Name me just ONE socialist country that raised the standard of living for the people, just ONE.  I said, look at Eastern Europe, Latin America, Russia, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, name me ONE.  He couldn’t but still, refused to see how misplaced his views were.

Really, there is NO hope for most people and the tragedy is that they don’t understand what is happening to them now, in real time, and won’t until it’s way too late.  Most Americans are like the proverbial frog in a pot of slowly heated water.  It’s tragic that a vast majority of Americans will never know what hit them until it’s too late.  I am not alone in holding this view.  It is not extreme.  And I want to reiterate that even if Romney won, he wouldn’t have been able to fix the economic issues that are past the point of being fixed.  However, since the election, I have received numerous emails from readers and friends that express a greater level of negativity and despair than I have ever seen.

The following two emails, were sent to me from very successful, very highly regarded doctors that I know well, and they are, sadly, typical of the way many people feel.

David.. this election was about a popularity contest….the electorate who voted for BO chose to ignore the economy, their children’s future, the Muslimization of this country especially with its non existent foreign policy, the weakening of our defenses to the point where the world looks at us as a paper tiger, and the hatred of any white successful business person who has done it himself…..we are done.

David… We are stunned, depressed and in a state of shock!!!!!  God is not blessing the USA.  Hispanics will now try to get California, Arizona and New Mexico back. We fear for our country and its ability to lead in the world. The dumbing down of America is well on its way and the majority of uneducated persons, most high school graduates, will become the “poor peasants ” of a newly formed Totalitarian state. Obamacare will destroy the quality of medicine we have known in the past. Our next president will likely be Hispanic, like Rubio or Cruz.  We are bewildered, but will survive.

Yes, their comments are inflammatory – and that is exactly what is so troubling to me.  I want to be clear about this.  I do not agree with racial overtones of any kind!  The reason I published these emails is not because I agree, but because they highlight the kind of emotions that have been unleashed as a result of Obama’s re-election. Whether their analysis is correct or not, is not the point; they reflect the level of fear, anger, and distrust that now exists with many upper middle class and wealthy white Americans.  And I expect, many less affluent Americans would agree too.  Couple this view with comments like, “We are going to see American cities burn if Romney wins,” (you can Google this to verify it) and the seeds for class warfare are being sown.  This is a very bad situation.

What a shame our country has come to this.  We used to be able to disagree and debate, but this is totally different.  I fear it will morph into “each man for himself.”  Gold sales are soaring.  Gun and ammunition sales are soaring.  People I know are seriously considering leaving the country.  People are scared.  All it will take for all Hell to break lose is a sinking economy, rising inflation and not enough quality new jobs.  That’s what we are going to see and the Greek experience may come a-knocking at OUR door too.

What happens, dear readers, if Obama can’t deliver to the lower income voters that swept him into a second term?  What happens if John Williams promised “hyperinflation by next summer” actually occurs?  It will overwhelm the welfare system and unleash anger and violence, but toward who?  Toward Obama for not delivering?  Toward the wealthy?  I think you know the answer.

Let me make it clear – with Obama back for a second term, the game is OVER.  Ron Paul said, “It’s now officially too late to avert disaster”  “We’re already over the cliff…”  That, my dear readers, is the truth whether you want to believe it or not.  I hope you understand that it is time to step up your purchases of gold and silver now, with both hands.  It’s now or never.  The die is cast, there is no longer ANY doubt.