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For a decade, the gold Cartel has destroyed the global economy by preventing recognition of Central Banks’ hyperinflationary monetary policies.  Come to think of it, ten centuries is more like it, as politicians inevitably realize the short-term benefits of replacing REAL MONEY with FIAT DECREE.  This cycle will endure for as long as man – and bankers – roam the Earth, as human nature never changes.  However, so will the immutable truth that economic prosperity can ONLY occur with money backed by true intrinsic value.

Much of fate is determined by luck, with the time one is born having just as much impact as the place.  For example, my grandparents were Russian and Polish Jews born in the early 20th Century.  They lived miserable childhoods and barely escaped with their lives, in my grandmother’s case by being sent to America alone.  I, on the other hand, was born in New York – the world’s largest Jewish community – during peacetime.  Sure, I endured a bit of anti-Semitism – but nothing I couldn’t handle – and frankly, if I were a bigger kid, would likely have endured none.  Irrespective, my childhood was happy, and I was ultimately afforded the same social and financial opportunities of all my peers.

The post-war Era was a “Golden Age” of social and economic evolution, with countless, diverse success stories in dozens of nations.  The world had endured a century of difficult times, including two World Wars, countless bloody revolutions, and the Great Depression.  People were downtrodden and damaged but hearty and victorious, catalyzing a new Era of growth and prosperity.  The Baby Boomers dealt with hardship in their early years, but felt blessed that the worst was behind them.  Conversely, old timers pondered why they were born too early, as just as the misery was ending, so were their lives.

It took several decades, but finally the ghosts of World War II vanished, and with it the conservatism that defined previous generations.  Consequently, the world’s population grew confident enough to exchange fear and caution for ambition and risk.  At this point, the bankers that destroyed economies throughout the prior century crawled out of their holes and started spreading their poison anew.  Those growing old at the end of the 20th century felt blessed for their timing, while new generations’ confidence peaked, not yet knowing their fate.

The 20th century commenced with great excitement and hope, as healthcare, technology, and finance advanced in quantum leaps.  At least in the Western world, poverty and plague were largely defeated, funded by omnipresent bankers that appeared to have mastered finance and rendered recession obsolete.  Unfortunately, this was just an optimistic snapshot in time, which ten years later seems to have been a pipe dream.  By 2008, the banking virus (better known as fiat cancer) was no longer dormant, and here in 2012, it is a raging contagion with a single, time-proven cure – financial collapse followed by the re-establishment of a gold standard.

In the second half of my life, I anticipate difficult times, possibly as bad as those of a century ago.  However, I feel fortunate to have been one of the few to understand the nature of the banker’s disease, so unless I die prematurely, I will survive intact.  Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for today’s youth, as well as millions in the “middle ages” of 30-50.  I simply do not see how one can survive this episode – which could last for decades – without having both the resources and will to PROTECT ONESELF from the inevitability of hard times.  And remember, this is the first time fiat cancer has been spread GLOBALLY, so it is likely more people will experience such hard times than at any time in history.

Thus, when sitting through frustrating days like today, assuming TPTB have the ability to bend the world – and financial markets – to their will, remember that fiat cancer is FATAL.  They WILL be defeated by the powers of “Economic Mother Nature,” and if you have procured the anecdote for the disease, it is you – NOT THEM – that will survive.  PHYSICAL gold and silver have beaten the bankers for 5,000 years, and this time will be no different.