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I never cease to be amazed by the special way gold and silver are treated by the mainstream. If the stock market drops, it is “a correction and a buying opportunity.” When gold and silver drop it is “the end of the bull market and the end of precious metals as a safe haven investment.” We are in the middle of a rip-roaring bull market in gold and silver and Main Street, for the most part, is still in dis-belief. This is a good thing for US because their inaction allows us to continue to add to our positions at favorable pricing.

I find it amusing that anyone with a brain larger than a pea would judge the dollar or the euro to be safer than gold and silver. Both are “fiat” currencies and they are the tool favored by the central banks to slow the global move into a depression. A serious loss of buying power is assured in both currencies!

The European Union has no choice – they must kick the can down the road and inflate. They must save Greece, Portugal, Italy and the rest of the weak economies because the alternative is unacceptable. The same is true for our Fed. They must soon move to QE3 to save the economy or at least to temporarily stabilize it in an election year. QE3 won’t work. QE1 and QE2 were a failure so more of the same is not the answer, but it is the only tool that the Fed has left, effective or not.

If you believe that the euro and the dollar will be sacrificed in order to satisfy the politicians and the large banking interests, that will go under without more stimulation, then you need more gold and silver. I don’t care how much you already have, you need more.

We are watching the destruction of the middle class play out in slow motion. The rich will make it through the turbulent times that lie ahead. The poor will still be poor and will receive government assistance, but the middle class will continue to be the big loser. If you are reading this report now and are a member of the middle class, I urge you to put the accumulation of gold and silver at the top of the list of what you NEED to do. Time is running out. Gold and silver will be your best form of protection. Any amount you can afford is better than doing nothing. Gold is $300 an ounce cheaper now than it was last month. Silver is 25% cheaper than it was last month. You have been given a reprieve, another chance to buy your most precious asset, gold and silver – at a substantial discount. This is not a sales pitch. I have 90% of my net worth in gold, silver and mining shares. My son Andy’s portfolio is similar. We do our best to open your eyes and help you – and you will need all the help you can get as the economy unravels and serious inflation becomes the way of life.

There are no political miracles waiting in the wings. Neither the Democrats, Republicans nor Tea Party will fix the problems. It might not be a bad idea to throw all of the politicians out of office but as long as we have lobbyists and special interest groups funding our candidates, nothing of significance will change. This all started many, many years ago with Nixon closing the gold window. The problem accelerated in the late 90s with the elimination of the Glass Steagall act, which allowed our large banks to speculate and leverage with impunity. The last two Fed heads, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke have set the seeds for the destruction of the dollar with unsound zero interest rate policies leading to rampant monetary expansion. They have encouraged market deregulation and the results have been catastrophic. Wall Street prospers and Main Street is in the dumps.

But it does no good to point fingers now. It’s too late for that. Now is the time to protect your financial assets, and if you decide to stay invested in dollars and dollar-denominated vehicles (stocks, bonds, etc.) you are taking an awful risk and the odds are strong that it will not end well.

When you see gold at $2000 and silver at $50, and you will soon enough, maybe then you will realize that what I am telling you is the truth and is in your best interest.

We have been giving you good advice for the past 11 years. We have been right to be bullish on the metals and bearish on the dollar and the economy. Trust us and accumulate as much “financial insurance” as you possibly can, and do it now.