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Is a one way street, it didn’t used to be this way but unfortunately this is what we have now.  I’ve wanted to write about this topic for quite some time but never have because I figured that the feathers I would ruffle would take away from the message I’ve been trying to deliver.  You all know by now that I have absolutely ZERO question in my mind that paper currencies will collapse, there may be only 1,000 people in the world who have no “nagging doubts” about this in the back of their minds…I am one of them.  I mention this because I want you to know that I write from the heart, I say what I mean and try not to “hedge.”  I try to write like I speak (thus the horrible grades in all of my English classes) because it’s the only way I know how.  I have had a message based on logic and common sense that hopefully some will heed and protect them and loved ones.  What you are about to read has nothing to do with “protecting yourself financially” but some will “feel better” after reading it while others may never read me again.  I will “feel better” because someone sooner or later had to say “something” because for the most part very few have.

“The First Amendment” presumably (in my opinion) was the most important to our founding fathers because “it was first,” maybe I am wrong and some historian will correct me.  The United States was the greatest country the world has ever known because it was based on “The Constitution” written by, abided by and marveled by “people” who believed in “self-sufficiency.”  Nothing was ever “free” and from birth, Americans “knew” that if they worked hard they could attain “the dream,” the American dream.  Yes there was crime, graft, theft, violence and murder but there was always “the rule of law.”  There has always been a basic “fairness” in The United States not found anywhere else in the world…ever…which is what made us great!

So what’s the burr under my saddle?  I, as have pretty much everyone else, sat back and watched as issue after issue has gone by where the “politically correct” thing to do was to say nothing.  Pick an issue, religion, race, creed, sexual preferences or whatever, it was best to say nothing…lest start up a firestorm.  Think about this for a moment, 25 years ago did you ever think twice about saying “Merry Christmas” to someone in the fear of “offending” them?  Offending them because they might be Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist?  …Or atheist?  Saying “Merry Christmas” to someone is a way of spreading good cheer.  Is it, can it, be perceived as an insult to anyone?  Was it ever “offensive” to fly the American flag?  What could possibly be offensive with this?  Now you have homeowners associations that ban this.  Would anyone ever “burn the American flag” 50 or 60 years ago after WWII or Korea?  But now it is OK because it is “freedom of expression.”? It’s OK to burn the American flag, on our own soil as “freedom of expression” but considered “hateful, racist or bigoted” to burn the flag of another nation…?  It is now even politically correct to fly the flag of another nation on our soil, what’s up with this?

Without getting into the “issue” itself (not politically correct), the goofy looking (in my opinion) redneck (self-described) Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty got lambasted over the last few days…for stating his opinion.  “Opinion” as in “that which is guaranteed by the First Amendment.”  Do I agree with his opinion?  Does it even matter?  It is someone’s opinion!  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion under The Constitution.  They are entitled to it AND they can express it in public…period, end of story.  …Unless.  Unless it is counter to some “group” that claims “special status.”  How much has this country changed?  I can remember when the Pope visited the U.S. in the past, did our President ever “kneel, bow or kiss his ring?”  Not that I can ever recall.  And how did our president greet the King of Saudi Arabia?  With a genuflect? Yes I know, “politically incorrect” to even mention this.

Do you see what I am getting at here?  We have changed as a country.  What was once commonplace is now “taboo” and not politically correct, what was once unthinkable is now “acceptable?”  Some may think that we have changed “for the better.”  I disagree…in my opinion which as of now I am still entitled to, it seems to me like we as a nation have reached an inflection point.  We are more polarized now than any time in our history with maybe the exception of 1860-1865.  The country is split between “socialists” (for lack of better terms) and “capitalists.”  We have half of the country moving toward a new way of thought and the other half that still believe in the “old” American ways and traditions.

We have a Constitution that our own government follows only when it is “convenient.”  Some would even like to do away with the Constitution as it is said to be an “old and outdated piece of paper.”  We are living in very dangerous times, the politically correct thing to do have been to remain silent.  It would not surprise me if an issue like the current Duck Dynasty saga turns out to be a line in the sand where people wake up.  Wake up to the fact that we as a nation must either make the decision to “stand tall” for our beliefs or let them slip away and be rewritten in the history books.

We have sunk to the bottom as a nation in too many ways to count.  Our laws are “laws” that don’t pertain to everyone.  How many bankers have gone to jail for the fraud that led up to and has occurred since 2008?  How can the Supreme Court rule that it is “constitutional” that every citizen must purchase health insurance (or anything else for that matter) or face a fine or jail time?  How can the president make 14 “changes” so far to a law that was passed by Congress?  Can a president arbitrarily change a law under the Constitution?  I think not, a dictator however certainly can.  How is it possible that Congress is offered up a 5 page piece of paper (the original TARP documents) to raid the Treasury of $700 billion and then receive a multi thousand page document with no time to even read it?  We were told “we must pass this or we are all doomed” and “we have to pass this to see what’s in it!”

Are we collectively as foolish and “sleepy” as those who are pulling the strings believe us to be?  So far this does seem to be the case.  I however do not believe it.  I think that there are still enough “patriots” left that given the right “issue” will stand in defiance of those who wish to defile or destroy our Constitution.  I can only hope and pray that this is correct because if it is not, our children and grandchildren will never truly know how a great country the United States once was.