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Yesterday, I spoke of a motto that keeps me grounded when Cartel PM attacks – and conversely, PPT support operations – frustrate me:

TPTB will ALWAYS take the action most conducive to PMs, and damaging to America.

Not that they have any choice, as the “Rubicon” was long ago crossed in terms of the imminence of global fiat currency COLLAPSE.  However, on a day-to-day basis – ESPECIALLY if you own speculative “PAPER PM investments” such as mining shares – such words are not always soothing.  Watching one’s portfolio shrink – whether due to free market forces or manipulation – can be as devastating mentally as financially; thus, one needs as many “mental weapons” as possible to counter the fear of collapse and temptation to make poor investment decisions.  That is why I started reading Richard Russell, Jim Sinclair, and GATA a decade ago, and why many of you read me today.

However, of all such “weapons” in my arsenal, the most potent comes from my happiest of happy places, the greatest film saga of all time – Star Wars.  As Lucas-philes are well aware, “the Force” is an all-encompassing power that guides our thoughts and actions.  Only few are born with the ability to interface with it, and many equate it with the type of divine connection made by luminaries like Moses, Jesus Christ, and Allah.  Allegory or not, “the Force” is mastered by the Jedi, although its awesome power is never truly bridled.

Obi-Wan explains the Force
My beliefs may be less spiritual than others, but in the fields of science and logic, they are unsurpassed.  Based on infallible calculations, I KNOW the Cartel will lose, the fiat currency system will crash, and gold and silver prices will achieve my price targets (in TODAY’S DOLLARS, $15,000-$20,000/oz for the former and $1,000-$4,000/oz for the latter).  Additionally, I KNOW TPTB will fight these inevitable trajectories to their death, and thus further “volatility” can be expected until “the system’s” final breath.  That is why I summon my inner Force to guide me through the daily minefields, and why I am still standing tall after ten years of battling an army of vastly superior firepower.

In Stephen King’s Storm of the Century – highlighted in Friday’s RANT – the powerful demon Linoge needs a human protégé, but despite all his power, cannot have one unless willingly ceded by the child’s parents (time stamp 4:00 to 5:00, below).   Thus, he is vulnerable to the peonic humans of Little Tall Island, just as the gargantuan PAPER gold and silver markets are vulnerable to the infinitesimal PHYSICAL markets underlying them.

Stephen King’s Storm Of The Century Part 22
Not only do I completely understand this historical truism, but have learned to best utilize my “leverage” against the Cartel – through ownership of PHYSICAL gold and silver.  So simple, but so few realize PAPER “PM investments” like futures, ETFs, and mining shares are NOT PHYSICAL gold and silver, nor that owning them plays into the Cartel’s latest strength.  You see, the supply of PHYSICAL gold and silver is limited – more so each day – while the supply of PAPER PM investments is virtually unlimited, just as likely to DESTROY as PROTECT YOU.

The time to PROTECT YOURSELF before accelerating inflation takes center stage – and potentially hyperinflation – is running out, and no “financial fear” you have experienced will surpass watching your fiat currency collapse while PHYSICAL gold and silver supplies disappear.  Thus, I urge you to summon your own inner Force – whatever that may be – to guide you to what you KNOW to be safe, and away from eminent danger.