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White House website deluged with secession petitions from 20 states

As I wrote last week after the election that in my opinion our nation is now more divided than at any time during my lifetime.  I read last Friday that a petition was circulating Louisiana to secede from the Union.  At the time they had something like 1,600 signatures and needed 25,000 by Dec. 7th to be taken seriously and require a White House response.  Then to my shock this morning, the above link from the Daily Caller was posted at Drudgereport.  Texas now has a petition with 15,000 names and 18 other States also have petitions.

I normally try to not write about topics that are “sensational” and require “conspiracy theory” (not that in some cases “conspiracy fact” does exist) and un-provens to arrive at a conclusion, I try to connect the dots of “coincidences” in many cases.  In this case, the fact is that there are now 20 States where a secession petition is circulating.  Do any of these petitions result in an actual secession?  In my opinion I doubt it… for now.  But what it does illustrate is just how pissed off people have become and how divided we have become.

If you asked me, this episode is merely one of “seeds” being planted.  If you went back and read 1,000’s of tweets prior to the election you will find that many Obama supporters were threatening to riot were he to lose.  Even before reading about any of these tweets I had already begun to ponder what a Romney win would do, particularly in the inner cities.  Reading so many of these threats of violence only confirmed what I had suspected could occur.  Would there really have been riots?  My guess is that yes, we would see many cities on fire or still smoldering today.

It just occurred to me while writing this that what is happening in Europe is in a strange way the exact opposite of here in The States.  In Europe there are bankrupt sovereign nations which do not want to leave the Union and instead want to remain to live off the federal teat.  Here (yes I know, there are several states that are in fact insolvent but for the most part are not petitioning) we have states which are petitioning to leave the Union so as not to be dragged down with it into a fiscal black hole.

As a next logical “dot” to think about, what will happen when Illinois or even California needs a bailout?  Will states with balanced budgets remain silent and allow a bailout to happen?  This question is really not hypothetical because we will surely see various deficit states hit the wall sooner or later.

The above was written late yesterday, Texas has already gotten the 25,000 signatures required as of this morning so I suppose we should get a White House response even if it is “Shut up, go sit in the corner and put a dunce cap on. We have more important things to do.”  But seriously, this movement has a very good chance of growing and at some point turning into a showdown.  The important thing here is the thought process; it is more or less a split between the have’s and have not’s, between those who pay taxes and those who receive government benefits, between those who understand that a country cannot continually borrow and go further and further into debt versus those who either don’t know or don’t care that the country is bankrupting itself.

I don’t have any idea how this will work out.  It will probably morph in various directions several times.  If history is any guide, the odds are that violence will be a part of it at some point.  The only bloodless coup that I know of (I am sure that someone will point out others) was the breakup of the USSR.  The only thing that I do know is that people are angry.  On one side they are angry because they watch their hard earned money being taxed and given away to others who don’t work, on the other other side people are angry that they don’t get enough “benefits.”  One can only hope that a “just” solution can be found but the anger seems to be escalating and was just ratcheted up several notches after the election.  This bear’s watching closely.