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Last week at Freedom Fest, I met many interesting people.  “Free money” is my focus, but the conference was about “free everything,” from politics, to religion, to medicine.  Thus, presenters and attendees alike emanated from diverse backgrounds, with the common goal of pursuing “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in their own personal way.

During the show, I met an interesting woman named Leslie Manookian.  We struck an immediate bond, as she, too, deserted a successful Wall Street career – at Goldman Sachs, no less – due to growing disgust for Wall Street corruption, and – equally importantly – to pursue interests closer to her heart.  In my case, I abandoned stock analysis at Salomon Smith Barney for what I truly believe will PROTECT investors – PHYSICAL gold and silver, while in Leslie’s case, her passion was the dangers of un-researched – and often mandatoryVACCINATIONS.

Consequently, she devoted a considerable amount of time to researching – and eventually creating – a comprehensive documentary on the topic.  Titled “The Greater Good,” this award-winning film discusses all relevant issues, a veritable primer to the growing debate as to whether vaccination represents a net positive for society, particularly when mandated by various municipalities and health organizations.

The Greater Good focuses on individual cases of documented, proven “vaccination injuries” – causing autism, seizures, and even death – albeit, not insinuating that ALL vaccination are detrimental.  From my standpoint, the true message was that much data regarding vaccination is not scientifically proven – and in certain aspects, downright alarming – such as the continued use of mercury in commonly administered vaccines.  Consequently, parents should be given the choice of determining whether or not they vaccinate their children – perhaps not in all cases, but certainly many.  This point was particularly driven home by a startling table, depicting a literal EXPLOSION in the amount of available vaccines – in many cases, for “diseases” that were either unrecognized or non-existent until very recently.

Given my ongoing crusade against the commandeering of the U.S. government by Wall Street, I was most fascinated – and appalled – by the film’s exposure of the pharmaceutical lobby.  Apparently, it is the nation’s largest – topping insurance, communications, Big Oil, and even WALL STREET – in amounts that are simply staggering

Lobbying Spending Database – Biggest Spenders – Open Secrets

Actually, if you remember last year’s controversy about Rick Perry’s attempt to mandate the over-the-counter HPV vaccination Gardisil in Texas, you will be horrified to watch this movie – especially when you realize he had financial ties to the drug’s manufacturer, Merck…

Rick Perry’s ties with Merck run deep

And the same goes with ALL major industries, from Wall Street

Open Secrets – George Bush 2004 major contributors

Open Secrets – Barrack Obama 2008 major contributors

Open Secrets – Mitt Romney 2012 major contributors

…to tobacco (MUST SEE MOVIE)…

Thank you for Smoking

…to firearms

Runaway Jury

In today’s hyperinflationary world, where political campaigning is literally IMPOSSIBLE without major backers…

Obama bracing to be outspent by Romney

…and COMPLETELY supported by the government…

Supreme Court rejects Montana campaign finance limits

…such vile flouting of decency – at the expense of “THE GREATER GOOD” – will only worsen.  However, by educating ourselves of such biases, we will be better positioned to PROTECT our loved ones from rising tyranny.  As for vaccination, I advise anyone with even a mild interest in the topic to watch this wonderful film, as EVERYONE planning on having children should be aware of the (previously undisclosed) “cons” of vaccination.

As a cautionary note to readers, please do not mistake my writing of this RANT for a definitive position on the topic – as frankly, my eyes were only opened to it this week.  Moreover, I do not like to shift the focus of this blog from the central theme of “free money,” so please do not flood my inbox with position points on the vaccination debate.  Instead, please direct them to Leslie Manookian, at [email protected].


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