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In the final stages of history’s largest, most destructive bubbles, asset misallocation becomes rampant.  However, NEVER before has the ENTIRE WORLD participated in a bubble simultaneously; per last week’s comments from Bill Holter…

“What we have here is a bubble.  In fact we have a series of bubbles.  The world is sitting on more bubbles, bigger bubbles than ever before.  If you added together ALL of the bubbles (South Sea, Tulip, 1929, Japan 1980′s, Oil a couple of times, etc. …ALL of them prior) in the history of mankind, they would be a percentage, a VERY small percentage of the bubble(s) we have blown and are living with today.” 

-From “Headed Toward a Brick Wall,” May 15 2013

In fact, in just the past 14 years, we have seen two such examples of the ENTIRE WORLD being wrong; the first, in 2000 – when financial assets reached an historic peak…

Dow Gold Ratio 2000

…no matter how you measure it…

US Dollar Index 2000

…and the second in 2008; when the global real estate bubble collapsed…

Case Shiller Composite

…taking down ALL worldwide economies…

Euro Area Unemployment Rates

Here we are – “FIVE YEARS LATER”; and the ENTIRE WORLD is literally at its low point since –worsening each day

Japanese central bank doubles money supply in fresh bid to spur inflation – April 4, 2013

China’s growth disappoints analysts and markets – April 15, 2013

Euro Zone Jobless Rate hits another Record – April 30, 2013

Welcome Back U.S. Recession: Chicago PMI Implodes To 49, First Sub-50 Print since September 2009 – April 30, 2013

India cuts interest rates for third time this year – May 3, 2013

Australia cuts rates, sending Aussie dollar lower – May 7, 2013

Euro-Area Recession Deepens as Slowdown Exceeds Estimates – May 15, 2013

Yet, care of MASSIVE, Central-bank fostered BUBBLES in stocks, bonds – and speculative real estate; more money is trapped in overvalued assets than at ANY TIME in history…

It’s Official: Stocks Are in a Bubble

Conversely, the most concentrated, violent government PAPER PM Attack EVER has left the ENTIRE investment community despising gold and silver; despite the world’s BIG MONEY buying it “hand over fist”…

India’s Response to the Gold Sell Off: A Massive Buying Frenzy – April 16, 2013

Chinese Gold Imports Soar to Monthly Record on Insatiable Demand – May 8, 2013

Sadly, four decades of PROPAGANDA that gold is a “barbaric relic” – and dollars “money” – has brainwashed the masses to yet again, do the WRONG thing…

Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? – July 13, 2011


Gold & Silver Investment vs Retirement

Given the abominable track record of the masses to identify bubbles – let alone, those that create them…

Bernanke: There is no stock bubble – Feb. 26, 2013

Bernanke: There’s No Housing Bubble to Go Bust – October 27, 2005

Greenspan’s ‘No Housing Bubble’ Prediction, 5 Years Later – June 11, 2010

…how do you think this “anomaly” will resolve itself?