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…the worse things must really be.  Let me explain.  We have lived through a 30++ year credit bubble of which has already popped.  With a gaping hole in the side of it, TPTB decided that they would “patch” the existing balloon bubble rather than replace the balloon entirely with a better and more stable material (money).  They patched and they patched and have blown unlimited amounts of “air” (fresh credit and currency) in an effort to keep the system afloat.

All the while, “markets” have by necessity been rigged.  Stocks, interest rates, commodities, everything… and the financial and economic reports also by necessity have been falsified to fall in line with fantasy like asset values.  Which brings us to today where the Gold and Silver prices have been locked in a box and mauled for the last 2 months.  Since 1995 or even earlier (at least since the 1960’s) the prices of Gold and Silver have been manipulated downward, but, NEVER for such an extended period of time OR with as much force as has been applied during the current operation.

This should tell you something!  Why?  Why now?  What has changed that absolutely no “freedom” of price has been allowed?  Let me count the ways!  First, Germany surely did not all of a sudden wake up one morning thinking… “Let’s repatriate our Gold.”  No, they had behind the scenes discussions with the Fed which probably lasted for many months before they announced.  Then of course the U.S. has the debt ceiling, sequestration and fiscal cliff fiascoes to deal with, they have been “kicked” but this cannot go on to eternity.  Also, and interesting from a timing standpoint the worlds’ oldest bank had a major derivative hiccup last week which may just be the tip to an iceberg valued over $1 quadrillion.

My point?  I believe that “things” must really be bad and FAR worse behind the financial scenes than we see or are being told.  The falsehoods and reporting lies and the amounts of manipulations have reached new highs just as any “liar” must lie more and the lies get bigger to cover the original “white lie.”  It just seems to me that we must be very close to something of epic proportions breaking loose.  There are too many inconsistencies with what we are being told versus what is readily “seea-ble” and discernible using your own common sense.  Please keep in mind that we know for a fact that many (including the U.S.) sovereign nations, their treasuries and central banks are in financial dire straits, yet many who own Gold related assets are “scared.”  Why?

The answer is exactly the same as to “why” has the full court press been put on with regards to bogus reporting and perfect market action.  Trust me, this whole thing will blow up, “those in charge” know this as well as you and I do.  Their efforts to hide the truth have become 24/7, all day every day because reality and the managed “perception” have never been further apart.  All of that said, you mustn’t lose sight of the very reasons you decided to own precious metals in the first place.  You were either fearful of out of control inflation or deflation, you were scared that your currency would be debased out from under you or you were afraid of the entire system coming down.  If you bought Gold and Silver because they seemed like a “cool” investment that was doing “good,” please sell it all and go away.  If you own the metals because of the above, relax!  It is now more obvious than at any other point in time how this will play out.  You were right and will be proven so when all is said and done!

…but the problem is…”they” are telling you and “showing” you that you are not right.  This is the only tool left when it comes to the metals; short the hell out of it!  Do it with paper.  Do it with any Gold you can get your hands on!  Do you wonder why COMEX open interest numbers have not collapsed this time around?  Because the amount of shorting has been relentless and the longs have not run for the hills as in the past.  I don’t even understand why anyone would “stand long” on the COMEX because even the exchange itself reports that if all the contracts stood for delivery, the majority would go unfilled!  A really stupid game where “the price” is determined and used to scare the hell out of you.

Please do some reflecting as to “why” you own metals in the first place and then understand “why” the push to show you that you’re wrong has never been stronger than it is now.  Your fear is their only tool, don’t be their “tool!”