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For the past six months, the REALITY of the global economy is that it is not only getting worse – but at a dramatically faster rate.  Even Australia just reported a jaw-dropping PMI Index decline – from 49.6 to 42.0; and around the globe, most economies are either dead, buried, or rapidly headed in that direction.  Sure, some governments are fighting the trend with spiritual levels of MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA – particularly, the Nazi States of America.  However, despite all these LIES and DECEPTIONS, reasonably intelligent ten-year olds are realizing economies are dying, bubbles bursting, and “the 99%” growing larger and poorer each day.  Worse yet, Central-bank generated inflation is eating entire societies alive – ask Egypt, Brazil, or Turkey; yet “elite” Central bankers have the nerve to declare “deflation” against their greatest enemy.

To that end, the current PM price suppression scheme is unparalleled in human history; and given how many fiat currency systems have been attempted over the centuries, such a claim should not be taken lightly.  I have been fully invested in the sector since May 2002; but even my long-time “manipulation slogan” of “each day worse than the last” doesn’t do justice to the insanity that commenced in late January – ironically, the very week the U.S. Mint suspended Silver Eagle sales (for 12 days) due to overwhelming, RECORD demand.

In 2012, “rumors” of a mythical Fed “exit strategy” were utilized as “cover” to viciously attack PAPER PMs – in blatant “blitzkrieg” raids like February’s “LEAP DAY VIOLATION.”  However, when PMs inevitably rebounded, they were not challenged “tick for tick” as they are today.  Sure their subsequent rises were incessantly capped, but ultimately, they were “permitted” to exhale for a handful of – albeit brief – periods.

Conversely, we have seen PMs under siege 24/5 this year; including EVERY key attack time, EVERY “Access market” opening, EVERY piece of news – “bullish” or “bearish” – EVERY time key financial or political “leaders” speak; and of course, EVERY day at the 2:15 AM EST open of the London “pre-market” PAPER trading platform.  Just today’s farcical PAPER attacks – amidst a cartoon-like GDP number, a horrific Chicago PMI print, and an FOMC statement unexpectedly devoid of even the slightest hint of “tapering” – was enough to make one batty, yet such action was not much different than what we have been seeing EVERY day since January.

Clearly, what is going on behind the scenes is so terrifying that even I – Andy – am scared to speculate about it.  PHYSICAL PM inventory is plunging whilst demand is surging; mines are closing; miners writing off assets; and EVERY major Central bank is printing money with reckless abandon – with no end in sight.  And yet, the “evil Troika” of Washington, Wall Street, and the MSM would have us believe gold and silver are “volatile, risky investments” – whilst all others are not.

Anyhow, All I can say is this.  We’ve seen pictures of PHYSICAL Chinese gold demand – like the 10,000 people lined up to buy during this spring’s Dragon Boat holiday – and heard stories of such as well.  However, now that I’m actually in China, I can tell you first-hand that all we have heard is TRUE – and then some.  Just selecting a random marketplace near my hotel, I walked into a half dozen coin/jewelry stores here in Guangzhou (a/k/a Canton) – the nation’s largest city.  And lo and behold, they were FULL of aggressive buyers purchasing everything from one ounce coins to bullion bars to stunning 22 karat jewelry…

TRUST ME, the “IRREFUTABLE PHYSICAL GOLD REALITY” is that retail buying in the world’s most populous country has likely NEVER been stronger; and the more PAPER perception games TPTB utilize to “kick the can” a wee bit longer, the more voracious said demand will become.  Eventually, they WILL be overwhelmed by said demand, just as they ALWAYS have been throughout history.