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As readers know well, I “pull no punches” when discussing the PROPAGANDA, MISINFORMATION, and FEARMONGERING we face when attempting to PROTECT ourselves from the horrific ramifications of four decades of MONEY PRINTING gone bad.  Thus, I have no problem personally calling out “SELLOUTS!”; even in dedicated RANTS like “I DESPISE MARTIN ARMSTRONG.”

Moreover, one of the key themes I have written of is “THE WORSE THINGS GET, THE THICKER THE PROPAGANDA.”  And when I say “worse,” I mean both the state of the economy and the price of PMs.  In other words, the more the economy deteriorates, the more the MSM blare the siren call of “recovery”; and the more PMs decline, the more “GOLD BASHING MYTHOLOGY” must be refuted.  Such mistruths principally emanate from both REAL MONEY’s enemies; but sadly, from so-called “friends” as well – whom you can always identify by their calling card of being “short-term bearish, but long-term bullish.”

On that note, I have followed slimy “MAINSTREAM” portfolio managers like Bill Gross, Marc Faber, and Jim Rogers for the past decade.  I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could throw them – as all three have agendas that involve ANYTHING BUT your best interests.   Whether raising capital from unsuspecting “sheeple”; selling books to the uninformed masses; or garnering bookings on PROPAGANDA OUTLETS like CNBC, Bloomberg, and Reuters; these turncoats could not care less if you live or die.  When I wrote “THEY WANT YOU DEAD!,” I was referring primarily to government entities focused solely on personal wealth and power.  However, on a smaller scale, such commentary could certainly apply to these “financial sociopaths.”

At least Gross and Faber have in the recent past embraced the virtues of REAL MONEY; and in Faber’s case, perhaps even for the right reasons – i.e. inflation protection and “catastrophe insurance.”  However, Rogers continues to confuse and mislead the public; partially for the above, nefarious reasons – but more so, as he has NO CLUE of what gold and silver represent, and turns his back on the obvious MANIPULATION that currently masks their values.

Rogers will constantly tell you he “believes” in gold – and that he’ll “buy more on weakness”; when in fact, he couldn’t be LYING more.  He has always been a big fan of commodities, but NEVER Precious Metals.  He essentially missed the ENTIRE run from 2000-2012; though likely he was in and out “for a trade” a handful of times.  But rest assured, whenever PMs are rising, he’ll be the first person to tell CNBC how bullish he is.  Just a typical Wall Street SCUM; with no conscious or morals, and an admittedly broad intellect that has unfortunately been “washed clean” by four decades of Wall Street pandering.  And by the way, don’t forget how he made his name…

How did Jim Rogers become founder of the Quantum fund with George Soros?

Now, for the coup de grace, Mr. “long-term bullish” says we could see gold fall to $900/oz; although of course, he neglects to write of how he LOADED UP at last Fall’s top.  In other words, for all the confidence he exudes from making money back when stock markets were freely traded in the 1970s, his commodity and PM trades have been MASSIVE losers in recent years.  He may be smart, but he never understood gold; and apparently, has lost the ability to understand today’s more complex – and MANIPULATED – markets…

Soros and Rogers adding to precious metal positions – November 2012

By the way, his primary reason for being (short-term) PM bearish is ‘nothing ever rises for 12 straight years’; a fallacy that has no basis in reality, particularly when such gains are MASSIVELY muted by incessant government suppression.  There’s no “rule” about how long – or much – a market can rise; and when it’s manipulated, such concepts are even more ridiculous

JIM ROGERS: Gold will Bottom when the Mystics are in Despair, and it could take $900 gold to get there

Better yet, he cites the Indian government’s recent response to the ongoing “INDIAN IMPLOSION” – of raising gold import tariffs and restricting bank bullion sales – as a reason gold is likely to fall an additional 30% in price.   Of course, he is entirely ignoring the “UNINTENDED (INDIAN) CONSEQUENCES” of such actions – such as soaring Indian silver demand; much less record PHYSICAL buying elsewhere, and the severe “PRECIOUS METALS SUPPLY CRUNCH” that said price suppression is creating.

Last but not least, he cites the need for “mystics” to be in “despair” before gold can bottom; as if simple sentiment measures matter in this completely managed market – or that economic law no longer applies…


For one, PM sentiment is already at its lowest level in decades – amidst the most bullish imaginable fundamentals; so I’m not sure how much lower it could get.  And as for “mystics” – which presumably would include me – we buy PHYSICAL PMs to PROTECT ourselves from what’s coming (and what is here now); NOT for short-term “bottoms” and “tops.”  Thus, in addition to completely missing the point of PM ownership, he is scaring people out of doing what’s best for themselves –entirely in the name of personal wealth and power.

Remember, the “good, smart people” are very few in number; i.e., those that both speak the TRUTH and have your best interests at heart.  Unfortunately “The King of  MAINSTREAM SELLOUTS” fits neither description; and thus, you’d be better off ignoring him entirely.