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Last week, I started an article with the following paragraph…

“Nothing will please me more than when Whirlybird Janet is forced to admit the Fed has been wrong all along.  That said, when said “Yellen Reversal” inevitably occurs, it will likely usher in an unprecedented era of financial market instability and accelerated economic decline; and consequently, heightened social unrest, geopolitical instability, and a host of other nasty events that will make life far more difficult for not just the specific parties involved, but all of the planet’s seven-plus billion denizens.”

To which, a reader responded as follows…

“Nothing will please you more???? Frankly, I’d hope you had more pleasures to measure.”

A week later, I’m still bristling, even if the reader meant no real harm. Why, you ask? Because I have spent 26 years in the financial world – as a CFA-chartered compliance officer, equity trader, sell-side analyst, portfolio manager, investor relations officer, financial consultant, and Marketing Director – including 13 years devoted not only to personal investments in precious metals, but the free education of countless others, regarding the fraud that not only destroyed my vocation – whilst attempting to destroy my assets – but caused the ongoing political, economic, and financial catastrophe that thus far, I have been DEAD RIGHT about.

Of course, I could have never known – or dreamt – when I entered this sector 13 years ago, that not only would the gold Cartel – which was readily apparent on day one – would not only expand their operations exponentially, but together with its partners in Washington and on Wall Street, commandeer all financial markets. Frankly, I could never have imagined the economic collapse I anticipated could occur so rapidly, and completely. Which is why, more than ever, I am 100% comfortable with holding the vast majority of my liquid net worth in physical gold and silver bullion. And while I deal with more angst each day than 99% of the working world, I sleep the “sleep of the just” each night; knowing full well that when the “end game” inevitably arrives – perhaps, imminently – I will not only be financially safe and sound, but vindicated for having the gall to speak outside the mainstream. And not just to strangers, but “family, friends, and colleagues” as well.

Anyone that knows me knows that anything I do, I do full bore. And that goes particularly for work, as not only do I find the financial world stimulating – especially today, where so many new variables (like 24/7 market manipulation) must be considered – but I truly feel blessed (and at times, burdened) by my role of helping people protect themselves from what is mathematically certain of coming. And thus, it wears on me that not only are my personal assets under attack every day; but care of relentless propaganda, and humanity’s ugly trait of believing authority over truth, my integrity as well. And thus, I don’t think it’s too much to look forward to the demise of such comically erroneous “group think” – as “led” by our three most recent Fed Chairmen; even if it ushers in an ugly, scary world – in which, ironically, people like me may well be labelled “traitors.” That said, I wouldn’t trade for the world the 13 years I have spent in this sector – particularly my 3½ years at Miles Franklin – no matter how hard it has (thus far unsuccessfully) attempted to destroy me. Frankly, it brings purpose to my life – making me feel that after I’m gone, I’ll be remembered for the good I performed.

I’ll get back to that topic in a second, but first let’s just go over where we stand early Wednesday morning. As for yesterday, what more can I say than the Cartel went berserk as the holiday weekend wound down; attacking Precious Metals first at the usual “2:15 AM EST” key attack time, and next the COMEX open – despite a veritable barrage of negative economic data. Not to mention, escalation of the Greek crisis; which as we speak, is starting to spread to the rest of the PIIGS – both financially, as European sovereign yields are climbing anew; and politically, as loudly demonstrated by this week’s resounding Podemos victory in the Spanish regional elections. The commodity crash we warned of eight months ago is rapidly gathering momentum, as the CRB Index is within 5% of its March (and 2008 spike bottom) lows, even with (the now rapidly fading) oil price still 38% above this level – yielding massive economic damage the world round. Which is exactly why the dollar index is rocketing higher anew, yielding a host of crashing currencies – and conversely, surging global gold prices despite the Cartel’s best efforts to destroy the “Achilles Heel of the Financial World” with unrelenting paper raids in the London and New York crime pits.

To wit, the Yen has now dangerously broken down, prompting the potential for a Japanese inflationary nightmare (remember, I’ve long predicted Japan would be the first “first world” nation to experience hyperinflation). And with it, dozens of other brands of fiat toilet paper – from the “commodity currency” ilk (like the Loonie, Aussie, and Rand); to those being run into the ground – like the Rupee, just as it’s moronic government asks its gold-loving citizens to “lend” it their gold; those on the verge of national implosion, like Argentina and Brazil; and of course, the world’s second largest currency, whose “beginning of the end” may commence as early as a week from Friday, when a Greek default looks increasingly likely.

However, what amazes me most – even more than the dichotomy of “record high PM demand, but record low sentiment” – are the extent global equity (and of course, sovereign fixed income) bubbles are being blown. Not that I haven’t discussed this ad nauseum – or, for that matter, clarified the impossibility of comparing today to, say, 1999 stocks or 2007 real estate, due to the fact today’s markets are 100% supported by government buying. That said, when the “buyer of last resort” is the government, at some point they’re going to run out of things to buy, or be forced to resort to hyperinflation to keep the game going.

Irrespective, it is truly remarkable to watch the Caracas stock market go parabolic as Venezuela implodes; the Johannesburg stock market hit all-time highs as both the Rand and mining industry collapse; and of course, the German DAX setting new records with the European Union on the verge of breaking apart. Not to mention, the greatest bubble ever created – putting last month’s “all-out bubble mania” article to shame – in China; not just in stocks, but every aspect of its Communist-influenced “capitalist” economy.

And then there’s the United States of Global Economic Destruction, where words cannot appropriately frame the horrific “deformations” created by two decades of abusing the world’s “reserve currency.” I have been writing more and more of it lately; as not only have valuations gone through the stratosphere; but have been achieved solely through the irresponsible, shareholder-destroying means of increased leverage. Which, of course, stems entirely from the Fed’s “ZIRP to infinity” policy; the PPT’s relentless market support (how did you like their “defense” of Dow 18,000 yesterday?); and, of course, Yellen  “put” under the market, topped off with a healthy dollop of cancerous derivatives and a complete lack of regulation.

One of the most egregious examples of the current, unprecedented equity bubble – which for some time, I have highlighted – is the explosion of prices in every manner of schlocky fast food restaurants (ironically, excluding McDonalds), despite the fact that the burgeoning anti-fast food trend is as powerful as anti-smoking. Or, for that matter, that there’s nothing inherently exciting about the fast food industry – which essentially, is no different than any staid retailer.

To wit, “Shake Shack” has become the Yahoo! of 2015 – whilst other, assorted c-p like El Pollo Loco, Buffalo Wild Wings, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen and Chipotle have become market darlings. And this morning, I see that Jimmy John’s is going public – which frankly, is one of the more pathetic “sub shop” chains I have ever patronized. And don’t forget the Wall Street crime scene that is the Grilled Cheese Truck.

Off topic – slightly – I considered writing an entire article on yesterday’s Charter Communications/Time Warner Cable merger announcement, given just how representative of everything that’s wrong with Wall Street today it is. Fortunately, the undisputed KING of “deformation commentary” – David Stockman – did so himself; and if ever there was an article I urge you to read from beginning to end, it’s this one – titled “Memo to Blogger Ben – The TWC/Charter deal is a bubble staring you in the face.” After doing so, you will invariably realize why it’s so obvious such bubbles will collapse; and consequently, why you must act NOW to protect yourself from the aftermath.

That said, there’s not one, but two reasons this article is so valuable – the second being how its further highlights the rapid descent to hell Helicopter Ben has taken, in using his fame to become a very rich man upon his exit from the Eccles Building – once again, at the expense of the “99%.” First, by publishing the ironically titled book, “the Courage to Act” – despite being more cowardly than the Cowardly Lion himself. Next, by starting a (likely government-sponsored) blog to propagandize the “success” of his prior policies. And finally, to join one of the world’s largest HFT traders – Citadel; and largest bond funds – Pimco; as an “advisor.” Likely, in both cases, to hand deliver inside information regarding the Fed and PPT’s activities. And don’t forget those $300,000 per head dinners – in which the “1%,” too, likely receive inside information… regarding the Fed and PPT’s activities.

Regarding said blog, he this weekend sounded like the U.S.’s Head Financial Propagandist once again, in claiming he sees “no large mis-pricings in U.S. securities and asset prices.” Which “coincidentally,” is exactly what the head of the Bank of Japan said of Japanese securities that very same day. Let’s not quibble over the fact that Bernanke is world-famous for failing to spot bubbles – just as is his mentor, Alan Greenspan; or the fact that, like Greenspan, he is desperate to whitewash his legacy “in case” the worst-case scenario occurs.

That said, Helicopter Ben – i.e, “Bernanke the Hero” – even outdid himself last night; when again, at a $300,000/plate dinner, he not only claimed to be “bullish on the U.S. economy,” but claimed to see “no risk of a hard landing in China.” To which, all I can say is WOW! I mean, is he actually being paid by not just the U.S. government, but the Chinese government as well – to spout pure, unadulterated propaganda, based on absolutely nothing but lies? I think he is – which frankly, should tell you all you need to know about just how desperate TPTB’s efforts to prolong a dying status quo have become; as mathematically, the outlook for the U.S. economy has never been worse – and the case for a Chinese hard landing (which frankly, is occurring as we speak) never better.

Oh well, at least there’s something positive to say about bubbles; which outside the financial world, are not only amongst nature’s most beautiful mysteries, but enthrall children like nothing else – providing countless hours of “mental rest” time for exhausted parents. To that end, the unequivocal “queen of bubbles” is the world-renowned “bubble artist” Melody Yang, whose work can be seen in this short video. In other words, the antithesis of the ugliness and horror “created” by Maestro Greenspan, Helicopter Ben, and Whirlybird Janet – as well as their similarly life-destroying Central bank peers the world round.