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Today’s RANT topic is the Miles Franklin Report, a quarterly newsletter written by our firm’s Founder, namesake, and devoted blogger David Miles Schectman.  An extension of his detailed daily commentaries, the Miles Franklin Report has been written for more than a decade to expand on key topics affecting global financial markets and, of course, Precious Metal prices.

In writing two newsletters each day – David’s “Dailies” and my “RANTS” – we aim to entrench readers into the ongoing, rapidly changing global news flow, calling it to the attention of the financial experts among us, and interpreting it for those not as familiar with these issues.  Our financial expertise, aided by the fabulous feedback we receive from around the world, makes for a great open forum to discuss the complex, and increasingly deceptive, issues of our day.  Moreover, given the wonders of internet communication, our pieces are instantaneously broadcast around the world.  I am always astonished – and flattered – when receiving international messages, and in less than three months at Miles Franklin, am proud to say I’ve received email from six of the seven continents!

David Schectman is a master communicator, and one of the most likable fellows one can meet.  The two of us share an equal passion for the merits of Precious Metals ownership, particularly their ability to PROTECT your net worth from inflation, the eternal vise of politicians.  Once the bankers take over a government – an event repeated countless times throughout history – it’s inevitable they will attempt to install a destructive, fiat-based monetary system.

You see, the beauty of the gold standard is that it just doesn’t just work well, but TOO WELL.  In other words, people become so accustomed to the prosperity and low inflation inherent in such systems, they get lured into believing the cause is “strong government,” as opposed to the discipline imposed on it by the shiny, inert rocks languishing in its vaults.  The bankers know this well, and thus pounce on the public’s misconceptions, usually in the dark of night, in “military coups” that ultimately lead to systemic insolvency, poverty, and WAR.  This is exactly what happened to the U.S in 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created via a secretly held, sparsely attended Christmas Eve vote, and to Europe in 1992, when a thriving continent was convinced by a group of well-heeled bankers of the benefits of unity via the newly proposed Euro currency.

Sorry, I went off on a tangent, something I rarely do in my RANTS.  But I’m not deleting what I wrote, as my job, like David’s, is to explain the sinister underpinnings of the financial system that have destroyed so many currencies over time, including the current world, with evil tentacles sure to stretch over all political, economic, and social aspects of society.  Perhaps I’m excited as I’m on a plane flying to Minneapolis to visit the home office, and perhaps I just feel that passionately about the evil perpetrated on humanity by bankers over the centuries.  To wit, per the words of Thomas Jefferson:
If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.
Miles Franklin has been built on David’s communication skills and philosophy, the latter of which has been amply passed to its team of brokers, particularly our President, David’s son Andy Schectman.  I’ve said before that David and I are “twin brothers from different mothers,” but that statement holds doubly true for myself and Andy.  We both are named “Andrew,” have NEVER been called anything but “Andy,” and were born within three weeks of each other.  Moreover, we’re both avid golfers, ballplayers, skiers, and lefties, and both have fathers named David!

The reason I digress is to drive the point home that Miles Franklin is a tightly knit group that enthusiastically comes to work each day, knowing we are doing something we love and knowing we are making a difference.  David and I write our daily commentaries to educate readers, but ultimately our goal is to empower people to PROTECT THEMSELVES, and our team of brokers, which on average has 17 years of Precious Metals experience, understands well its duty to assist in that process.

The Miles Franklin Report is a compilation of the key aspects of our roughly 120 daily commentaries each quarter, breaking them down to the simplest, most articulately stated conclusions about where the world is going, and how you should view it.  Like David’s “Dailies” and my “RANTS,” all prior editions are neatly archived on our website, including the latest edition, to be posted shortly.

For our inaugural 2012 report, David gave me the honor of being its author, which I executed proudly.  My goal was to give readers a bit more commentary about my background, i.e. how I became “RANTING ANDY,” and how my trials and tribulations brought me to Miles Franklin.  Additionally, some history of how the current financial system was ruined by bankers and politicians, and my view of its likely impact on PHYSICAL gold and silver prices.

Attached below is an advanced version of the “Winter 2012” edition of the Miles Franklin Report, which I humbly, and proudly, submit for your reading pleasure.

Miles Franklin Report Winter 2012