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Our daughter and her two girls are coming to stay with us this week through the Holiday Season.  We have friends coming to stay with us for New Years Eve too. I will try and publish on a regular basis through the rest of the year, but may very well take a few days off.  This time of year not much is happening.  The traders are ready to go home on vacation.  Anyway, the world is supposed to come to an end on Friday, so just in case the prophecy is right, why worry about next week.

Here is the most important article today.

It’s about Bill Gross, founder and co-CEO of Giant PIMCO.  Gross is a member of BARRON’S Roundtable and is highly respected on Wall Street. He is a bondman, and rarely even mentions gold.  But in the following short article, Gross says only gold and real assets will thrive in fiscal ‘ring of fire.’

Bill Gross says only gold and real assets will thrive in fiscal ‘ring of fire’
October 2, 2012, 10:58 AM

The latest round of quantitative easing made gold “even more attractive” and owning the metal should be considered as part of a diversified portfolio, analysts at bond giant Pacific Investment Management Co. said in a white paper posted Tuesday on the company’s website.

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