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With such a provocative title, this had better be good! That said, I feel no pressure at all; as, having produced roughly 200 articles, 100 podcasts, and 50 Audioblogs this year alone – not to mention, seven public Q&A sessions – I’ve never been more attuned to the world around me, or confident in my ability to empower you with truth.

I’ll get to my principal topic in a moment – but first, I want to warn you about a topic that, as Marketing Director of one of the nation’s oldest, most trusted bullion dealers, I know as much about as anyone. Which is, the dangers facing investors, when engaging in Precious Metal purchases, sales, or storage in the, for all intents and purposes, unregulated bullion business. Except, that is, in Miles Franklin’s home state of Minnesota; which, since 2015, has been the only state that regulates, to excruciating detail, bullion dealers – which I discussed in in great detail in February’s “why Precious Metal bullion dealers are not commodities” – which, if for self-preservation purposes alone, I highly recommend reading.

Not to mention, May’s “Tulving, Bullion Direct, and the Northwest Territorial Mint”; in which, I discuss the dangers of buying from dealers who, in a highly commoditized price environment, offer materially lower prices than their competition. Which, I might add, typically amounts to mere fractions of a percent, typifying just how little one “saves” by using them – particularly, if one anticipates materially higher prices. More importantly, each of these “market share accumulators” went bankrupt with millions of client dollars that have never been returned, with their “leaders” either receiving or facing significant jail time.

The reason I’m bringing this up today – not that it’s not a significant threat always – is because, in today’s environment of Cartel-catalyzed retail demand weakness, one particular “upstart” dealer has been engaging in cutthroat pricing for several months; and by cutthroat, I mean they are likely cutting their own throat, by offering silver at prices which, as one of the U.S. Mint’s handful of authorized re sellers, we are quite certain are at best breakeven – and potentially, loss-making. In other words, what I noted above about the aforementioned “Big Three” of U.S. bullion market fraud is just as relevant today; and thus, we simply ask you to consider Miles Franklin for your next Precious Metal transaction, given that we, in my admittedly not-so-humble opinion, offer…

1. The industry’s best FREE educational platform

2. The most unique segregated storage program – which imminently, will include a feature NO ONE ELSE can offer

3. Licensed, regulated brokers averaging more than 25 years of industry experience

4. Not a single registered complaint in 27 years of business; and…

5. Imminently, online purchase capability

That said, let’s move on to today’s “most important” topic; which, in essence, represents the culmination of a month of rumination, amidst the most ominous political, economic, social, and monetary environment of our lifetimes – as highlighted by, what truly may be the “most important election ever,” given how, for all intents and purposes, it may be the last chance for the “little guy” to overthrow the powers that be.

Not that what comes afterward is guaranteed to be “good” – or, for that matter, better, particularly if America is run by a “wild card” like Donald Trump. However, if the nation allows Hillary Clinton to be elected, all hope of economic and diplomatic salvation will likely be lost, putting American on a crash course with “second world” status. Which is exactly how most Britons felt about the BrExit referendum; which, like the U.S. Presidential election, was heavily “influenced” by status quo propaganda and manipulation efforts (of polls, betting lines, and financial markets) to prevent it from passing. And yet, said “little guy” came out in droves to “unexpectedly” pass it, with the most notable opposition coming from the “1%” – in London, for example – that would not financially benefit.

As discussed in this weekend’s must listen Audioblog, “that BrExity feeling, the odds are far higher of a Trump victory than the rigged polls and betting lines suggest, given just how many people who have NEVER before voted, or even affiliated with a political party, are likely to show up. And no, such people could not care less about Trump’s “locker room” talk – of which, Peter Schiff does a fantastic job putting into context. As opposed to the crimes against humanity, America, and women the Clintons and their “partners” have engaged in over three decades, putting our once great nation in its most economically weak, politically divided, and global despised state in three centuries of existence. Featuring, I might add, its highest ever rates of poverty, dependence, and wealth disparity.

As discussed in last week’s “was Goebbels right?,” the entire foundation of U.S., and global, political leadership – not to mention, financial market “prices” – is based on nothing but a rapidly sinking quicksand of lies. Currently, the two biggest are one, the paper-thin veneer of “improvement” at Deutsche Bank, following a blatantly obvious PPT operation to lift it from its all-time low of $11.20/share last week, to $13.70 today, amidst a veritable avalanche of negative news; whilst simultaneously, orchestrating the “Deutsche Bank Destruction” Precious Metals raid, whilst China was closed for, ironically, its “Golden Week” holiday. And two, the blatant propaganda of a proposed OPEC “production freeze”; which, in my view, has as much probability – likely, far less – of coming to pass – let alone, being enforced – as the equally mythical, but unwaveringly “imminent,” Fed rate hikes that have been propagandized of for nearly four years. Which, undoubtedly, tomorrow’s doctored minutes of the September 21st FOMC meeting (when they maintained rates, after spending a month speaking of the “strengthened case” for higher rates) will suggest is, yes, “imminent.” Or perhaps not, given that September’s Fed Labor Market Conditions Index just plunged from an already horrible -0.7 in August, to a far uglier -2.2 in September.

Regarding OPEC, I invite you to first, read my mocking analysis of said “production freeze” proposal in the “Goebbels” article; and then, this article, published today, depicting how not only does said “production freeze” face myriad – in my view, insurmountable – obstacles; but just last month, both OPEC and non-OPEC nations ratcheted production to an all-time high level. Including, I might add, Russia, the world’s largest oil producer. Which, just one day after jawboning that it might join said freeze – also, as it achieves record production – saw the CEO of its largest producer, Rosneft, claim their was no chance it would freeze production.

Yes, the lies have never been larger, broader, or more damaging – such as Well Fargo’s admission that it has been falsifying accounts for five years, as testified by CEO John Stumpf to Congress last week. That is, until we learned today that it’s been going on for at leat ten. Or that the global economy could possibly be “recovering” when essentially all Central banks are easing more aggressively than ever, with essentially all either at or near zero interest rates, and nearly all enjoying multi-year, and in many cases, multi-decade, currency values. I’m sure the “1%” that benefit are thrilled, but for the hundreds of millions of Europeans, Brits, Austrians, Canadians, Mexicans, and essentially all denizens of South America and Africa, to name but a few, who are watching their cost of living surge, whilst their economies stagnate, it’s not quite the “boon” that stock traders, corporate CEOs, “insider” politicians, and Central bankers enjoy. Not to mention, a billion and a half gold-loving Indians, who just saw their fiat-loving Central bank lower rates despite the Rupee trading near its all-time low; and a billion and a half Chinese, who just saw the Yuan devalued to a nine-year low last night, as its historic economic implosion gains steam. And by the way, despite its “reserve currency” status, the same combination of economic stagnation, non-existant wage growth and savings, and a surging cost of living plagues American just like everyone else. Which is why, more than ever, I believe said “little guy” is angrier than ever – and thus, more likely to “BrExit” the powers that be than at any time in U.S. history.

Could I be wrong? Of course, although it certainly won’t matter from a Precious Metals standpoint. Again, it’s the policies of the Clintons and their “co-conspirators” that have doomed America; and thus, a Clinton Presidency – particularly, as she is unequivocally the most intellectually challenged, mean-spirited, and warlike of her ilk – all but guarantee economic, social, and likely military chaos in short order. However, if Trump wins – thus, shaking up a status quo as NO ONE believes is possible – it will unquestionably have the financial market, and precious metals, impact of a “BrExit times ten.” And, despite the “positive” of ridding America of the current Central bank dominated status quo, it will result in the same political and economic equivalent. Not that this isn’t a good thing for America’s long-term standing, mind you. However, trust me, if Trump wins, it will be the political equivalent of 9/11!

Which, once again, I whole-heartedly expect to occur, just as I believed in the BrExit when few others – let alone, the rigged polls and betting lines – did. Which then, as today, was in large part influenced by my faith in the “Ron Paul of Europe,” Nigel Farage. Who, as it turns out, again inspired me yesterday, in his most recent article for the UK Telegraph, “the little people have had enough – not just her, but in America.”

To that end, I believe the Billy Bush tape will, contrary to “common knowledge,” work in Trump’s favor – to the point that, it may actually become a “rallying cry” for disenfranchised Americans who know Clintonesque legislation is the principal reason for their woes. Who subsequently, will take action to prevent the serial political, economic, social, and monetary arsonist known as Hillary Clinton from beating Donald Trump – a man who, despite myriad flaws, clearly aims to change the nation’s cancerous, self-destructive zeitgeist. In fact, the Republican “civil war” created by this meaningless tape will likely strengthen the masses’ resolve further, in realizing Trump – like it or not, one of America’s most beloved celebrities – is under attack by filth-ridden politicians like Paul Ryan and John McCain, who failed miserably in their own attempts to become President. Not to mention, their cowardly stances have put the already dying Republican Party in jeopardy – which would represent the ultimate in irony, as a Trump victory would, for all intents and purpose, destroy the Democratic “Party” as well.

Yes, a Trump victory would have the most immediately positive impact on Precious Metals; although, as noted above, a Clinton victory would produce the same “moonshot” result, even if it takes a bit – perhaps, a very little bit – longer. However, what makes next month’s Trump/Clinton showdown the “most important election ever” – and this article, my “most important ever” – is that, it represents, in my view, the only opportunity for America to “BrExit” the monsters that have destroyed our once-great nation, turning it into a cesspool of corruption that benefits the 1%, at the expense of all others.

To that end, I cannot encourage you more to get out and vote, for TRUMP, and tell as many people as possible of the dangers – politically, economically, monetarily, and militarily – of a Clinton Presidency. And, per the introduction of today’s article, if Precious Metals is your chosen form of financial protection, we hope you’ll give Miles Franklin a call at 800-822-8080 – and give us a chance to earn your business.