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The reason the Miles Franklin Newsletter is the best in the Precious Metals universe is because we give you what no else does – for free, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  David Schectman, Bill Holter, and myself have more than 80 years of financial market experience – including 55 in Precious Metals; and our diverse backgrounds, in marketing, financial brokerage, mining, and securities analysis are UNPARALLELED in our “shadow world” – hands down.  Why do I bring this up today, of all days?  Because I believe our recent work – particularly under our new, “all-in-one” newsletter format – is among the best we’ve ever produced; and because today, I am publishing “THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE I’VE EVER WRITTEN.”

My initial premise was the ramifications of the collapse of “emerging market” currencies against the “king dollar” over the past six months; not un-coincidentally, since the Fed commenced its lethal “QE4” program.  As I concluded in “INFLATION AND ARAB SPRING,” the root cause of global inflation – and ultimately, HYPERINFLATION, is unfettered MONEY PRINTING by the holder of the world’s “reserve currency” – i.e, the United States.  That is, the Fed’s printing presses are injecting TRILLIONS into the global “bloodstream” each year; and given that it remains the world’s largest trading and currency reserve platform, the “trickle-down effect” causes MASSIVE inflation across the four corners of the globe.  However, until I did the research summarized below, I could not have imagined how universally destructive the Fed has become; nor how close we are to the END GAME of global currency collapse.

When you see what I am about to present, you’ll know EXACTLY why this week’s G-20 meeting could be historic.  There is NO DOUBT the Fed’s worldwide currency destruction will be the TOP point of discussion (if we haven’t started World War III by bombing Syria beforehand); and don’t forget that, for the first time EVER, the U.S. will NOT be attending – under the pathetic guise of outrage about Russia granting Edward Snowden asylum.

In other words, the U.S. dollar-based, global fiat PONZI SCHEME has reached its terminal phase – causing ALL global currencies to collapse against the dollar, whilst the dollar itself plunges against ITEMS OF REAL VALUE like the commodities necessary to sustain life.  And thus, you can see why this year’s efforts to suppress the historical inflation “barometers” – i.e., GOLD and SILVER – have been so maniacal; not to mention, why such PAPER efforts are causing a worldwide run on the scarce, dwindling supply of PHYSICAL metal.

So without further ado, I present my “currency analysis masterpiece” – depicting how ALL the world’s currencies have fallen against the dollar in both the past six months and two years; but for marginal gains in the two-year time frame by, LOL, the Ugandan and Kenyan Shillings.  On a population-weighted basis, the average currency has declined by 10% versus the dollar over the past six months, and a whopping 20% over the past two years.  And this, whilst the Fed was holding interest rates at ZERO and printing $85 TRILLION per month to monetize the ever-exploding U.S. debt…

Countries Chart

As you can see, the nations included comprise 62% of the global population.  If I included the U.S. itself and China that figure would rise to 86%; and you KNOW the bottom 14% of “fourth-tier” nations” currencies fared no better than the rest.  Moreover, as China has pegged the Yuan to the dollar for the past decade – albeit more loosely in recent years – it, too, has exposed itself to Fed-exported inflation; which is why even heavily understated Chinese data depicts a nearly quintupling of its CPI since 1985.  FYI, such currency plunges are not just felt by “speculators” in the commodity markets, but BILLIONS of citizens via the INFLATION such events engender.  A handful of bankers may benefit; but for the rest of us, we experience weaker economic activity and rising prices of life’s necessities.  Moreover, while GOLD and SILVER prices may be higher in these nations, so is EVERYTHING else; and for those that haven’t PROTECTED their assets with PMs, overall purchasing power dramatically declines.

Based on this damning table, one might conclude the dollar has been “strengthening”; when in fact, NOTHING could be more untrue.  It is well known that the dollar’s purchasing power has lost more than 98% of its value since the Fed came to being in 1913; but sadly, this progression has accelerated dramatically since abandonment of the gold standard in 1971.  Since then, the national debt has surged from $200 billion to $17 trillion – excluding $5 trillion of “off-balance sheet” debt held by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; whilst CPI inflation has exploded.  Of course, we all know the U.S., too, heavily understates its CPI – and thus, one can simply view the CRB Commodity Index, up 75% since the turn of the century, to see such inflation in action; let alone, the “dollar index” itself, which since peaking in 2001, has remained near historic lows despite the inevitable collapse of its largest components – the Euro and Yen…

US Dollar Index 2000-Present

Make no mistake; the reason GLOBAL, PHYSICAL gold and silver demand is at ALL-TIME highs – getting stronger each year – is depicted as clear as day in the “currency analysis masterpiece” table above.  Worldwide purchasing power is FREEFALLING as the Fed’s maniacal “QE4” program finishes off what’s left of the fraudulent fiat currency regime that has left the world on the precipice of World War III.  Trust me, it’s no “coincidence” people are rioting in Egypt, Turkey, and Brazil; or that similar fates await India, Indonesia, and many of the world’s other heavy population centers in the coming months – not to mention, basket cases like the European PIIGS when they inevitably secede from the ill-fated European Union.

Eventually, the fiat cancer will work its way to the patient’s “brain”; i.e., the world’s “reserve currency.”  That time is coming VERY, VERY soon; and it wouldn’t surprise me one iota if a Syrian invasion or G-20 “communique” catalyzes the END GAME we all know MUST occur.  And when it does, the dumbed-down American and European populations – i.e., the “tops of the global currency totem pole” – will flee toward the safety of the scarce, remaining PHYSICAL PMs to be had.  Of course, you’ve heard the saying about trying to push “a golf ball through a garden hose”; which is EXACTLY the demand situation Miles Franklin and other bullion dealers will be swamped with when this happens.  Thus, I cannot be more forceful in my pleas for you to protect your net worth NOW; i.e., before “the 99%” try to do so simultaneously.