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This is the first time I’ve ever written my weekend article on Friday morning; but frankly, I couldn’t wait, as NEVER before have I been so motivated.  Which is saying a lot, given that I’ve penned roughly 2,000 articles over the past 15 years.  The reason being, that NEVER have I felt so endangered, and NEVER have I experienced an event that could “make or break” my life – for now, and potentially forever.  Not to mention, my daughter’s nascent life, and the lives of you and your families – no matter what state, nation, or continent you reside in.

That even, of course, is next week’s presidential election.  Which, with each passing day, the gravity of which becomes more and more obvious.  And consequently, the horrific ramifications, which are unlikely to ever be reversed, if Hillary Clinton’s socialist, warmongering, rights-stealing, 1% enriching, America-destroying crony-capitalists succeed in taking the White House.  Which, I might add, I am more confident than ever will NOT happen – as more than ever, going way back to what I wrote in the BrExit’s immediate aftermath, I believe Donald Trump will win in an historic landslide vote.  And not only historic, but historically “unexpected,” given that the liberally-rigged mass media has manipulated facts and sentiment to make it appear Clinton has it sewn up, which is why I cannot emphasize enough, that when she ultimately loses, it will have the global political, economic, monetary, and financial market impact of a “BrExit times ten”; only this time, Central banks will be powerless to stem the tide of inexorable change, in the form of potentially dramatic revaluations of historically rigged markets.

As I vehemently discussed yesterday, everyone is starting to catch on to.  Which, I might add, is likely why gold rebounded sharply this morning, when the most rigged GDP “growth” of all time was reported, to fool people into believing the economy is “strong”; and consequently, America deserves four more years of “Hillbama.”  To that end, the 2.9% third quarter growth figure was actually predicated on imaginary inventory growth that the past three months’ inventory reports didn’t show; whilst fixed capital investment declined, and personal consumption spending was well below expectations.  In other words, fictitious inventory growth, weak sales, and of course, underestimated inflation, resulted in the world’s fastest growth rate!

Moreover, take a guess what the three top “growth” categories were?  As usual, healthcare – i.e., Obamacare – was number one; which, given that massive cost increases coming in 2017, assures massive GDP “growth” next year as well.  Number two, was spending on housing – as in, the soaring rents caused by the echo-bubble created by eight years of zero interest rates; and number three, utilities, care of the “oil PPT” relentlessly supporting prices.  In other words, only Wall Street has benefited from such “growth,” at the expense of the “99%.”  Which is why they are going to stand up and vote for Donald Trump next week, in historic numbers; and why gold and silver prices will not be pushed materially below their respective 200 day moving averages of roughly $1,266/oz and $17.25/oz, no matter how hard the Cartel tries.

Yes, the winds of change are blowing, harder than ever before.  With each passing day, the anti-Trump forces are being pushed back – as one by one, with the help of WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, and the rapidly growing truth-telling hordes, the lies, fraud, and propaganda are being called out.  Not to mention, the recognition of history – starting with the very recent past, when going into the BrExit vote, an equally rigged campaign process featured “polls” and “election betting odds” suggesting a “Bremain” landslide.  Heck, back in 1980, a national poll released less than two weeks ahead of the election, depicted Jimmy Carter seven points ahead of Ronald Reagan, who ultimately won 40 of the 50 states!  And don’t forget, George Soros himself, the ultimate Clinton supporter – who this week said Trump would win the popular vote by a landslide, despite his comical delusion that Clinton will still win due to Electoral College consideration.  To which I respond, that while I may not be a “political expert,” I have ZERO doubt that if Trump trounces Clinton in the popular vote, there will be riots if the powers that be attempt to overturn the voices of tens of millions of voters.  Perhaps that works in Greece, but it won’t here!

Which brings me to the “most important four minutes in U.S. history” – which fortunately, all of us can participate in; and subsequently, share with as many salvation-seeking Americans as possible.  Simply, two videos you MUST watch; the first, four minutes long; and the second, six minutes.  In my view, they are best imaginable “rallying cries” to save America – and in the process, perhaps destroy the gold Cartel as well – as have been uttered since the Revolutionary War.

The first, both ironically and appropriately, comes from none other than Michael Moore.  Moore started his career as a revolutionary truth teller, with brilliant documentaries about General Motors and 9/11, among others.  Unfortunately, he gradually shifted his focus to the cause of socialism, as painfully demonstrated in his Wall Street and healthcare documentaries.  However, he has always had the interest of the people at heart; and thankfully, despite having been a major Bernie Sanders supporter – or perhaps, because he was a major Bernie Sanders supporter – come crunch time, he has sided with the reality America faces; understanding, better than most, why they will vote for Trump, in a LANDSLIDE vote.  To that end, please listen to this powerful four minutes speech he gave earlier this week, and ask yourself how many people you know, yourself included, who likely feel this way.  And for those who you believe may still be “straddling the fence,” for gosh sakes send it to them!

And then there’s Donald Trump – who, per what I discussed in my must hear podcast with Kerry Lutz yesterday, is clearly not the same man, with the same motivations, as the one who decided to run for President last year.  Clearly, he now understands, more than anyone, the gravity of what he is up against – having experienced the venom of a corrupt system out to destroy anyone that tries to end its reign of political, economic, and financial terror.  To that end, I believe he knows he will win, and is genuinely scared of the decisions he will be forced to make.  Let alone, the likely horrifying immediate aftermath of what will unquestionably be the most inflectionary date in U.S. political history.  I mean, the forces of evil – as personified by Bill and Hillary Clinton – have grown so powerful, they will unquestionably, permanently lower the living standards of hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, if they are not stopped NOW.

Clearly, Trump has “grown up” in recent months, to the point that he is rapidly morphing from a loose-cannon egotist to a statesman, cognizant of the dramatic turn his life has taken.  In other words, whether he “asked for it” or not, he has the potential to dramatically change the course of American history – and in essence, save it.  To that end, I urge – no, implore – you to listen to this speech he made last week.  Which, in my view, represents the defining moment of his campaign, and the defining issues America faces.  And again, please send it to anyone that needs that “extra push” over the edge; because trust me, if Hillary Clinton wins, America’s worst-case scenario – on essentially all fronts – will have real odds as high as the rigged ones that currently suggest she will win by a landslide.

Equally importantly, please consider that financial markets are likely to become dramatically more volatile after the pre-election lockdown; and that no matter what, the inexorable collapse of the global economy and monetary system will continue unabated, making 2017 one of the most difficult years of our lives no matter who wins.  That said, if – or should I say, when– Trump wins, even “BrExit times ten” may not best capture the potential economic, political, and financial market dislocations that might occur – starting with, under all scenarios, surging Precious Metal prices.  In fact, as has been the case with the UK, which has seen its currency decimated since the BrExit, don’t be surprised if “punishment” is unleashed on selected markets; or, equally likely, that said punishment will be in form of halting all manipulation operations – like supporting stocks, crude oil, and Deutsche Bank, and suppressing Precious Metals – to “teach the world a lesson.”

My friends, we are living through history, in all corners of the world.  However, given America’s role as the last remaining superpower – and issuer of the world’s “reserve currency” – the ramifications of next week’s election will be more widespread, and dramatic, than any in global history.  And trust me, if – I mean, when – Trump wins, what we have known to be “normal” for all of our lifetimes, will be no more.  To that end, we all need to play our part to make sure the “future normal” is one in our best interests – and consequently, make sure Donald Trump wins.  So please, listen to the “most important ten minutes in U.S. history” this weekend, and share it with as many people as possible!