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For years, I deemed them “horrible headlines”; and recently, “PiMBEEB” – or Precious Metal bullish, everything-else-bearish.  But any way you slice it, the sum total of the global political; economic; social; and most of all, monetary situation – in which, a handful of unelected sociopaths, utilizing a “financial printing press,” garner 99% of the world’s wealth and power – has never been more conducive to the end of the mad, Frankenstein monster-like experiment that spawned it.  I.e., the Flintstones-like monetary system of “fiat currency” – in which all governments; commandeered by the bankers, billionaires, and oligarchs that own them; destroy the cornerstone of successful economic activity, and freedom.  I.e., SOUND MONEY.

After 1,000 years of monetary repression, technology has finally caught up to the “inflation thieves” – as the combination of the internet and cryptography will now enable money to be transmitted peer-to-peer, without the dilution, regulation, and strangulation of government control.  Which, in light of the imminent SegWit activation this afternoon – i.e., the “gold Cartel’s worst nightmare” – will enable the Bitcoin network to commence an era of innovation so dramatic, and “lightning” fast (that’s an inside joke to Bitcoiners) – that adoption is certain to take off parabolically, in the very near-term.  In other words, per the title of yesterday’s MUST LISTEN Audioblog, we are rapidly approaching the “ultimate monetary death cross,” when the “99%” realize that together, armed with nothing but their computers, can take out the 1% – simply by eschewing their fiat toilet paper, with decentralized, unregulatable cryptocurrency.

In light of my professional responsibility – of spreading monetary, and financial market, truth; which in essence, has morphed into a labor of love, in the pursuit of the destruction of fiat currency; I have not been more excited, or optimistic, in my entire career.  Not to mention, the large financial investment I have in Precious Metals that I am more excited about than ever, given that I have used this summer’s Cartel-created “historic valuation anomalies” to “high-grade” my portfolio – by taking advantage of the lowest-ever numismatic premiums to increase both the “floor” and ceiling” of my PM portfolio.  And not just for the 100-plus year-old coins I acquired, but the limited-edition RCM “call of the wild” coins selling at barely above the price of generic Maple Leafs.

As for said “PiMBEEB,” never before – at least, since the heart of the 2008 crisis, when global debt was half of what it is today – have so many political, economic, and monetary situations portended the historically overdue crisis the powers that be have so desperately attempted to avert – particularly, since the “BrExit times ten” Trump victory – via unprecedented money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda.  For example, yesterday’s shocking disclosure that the Federal Reserve’s “Labor Market Conditions Index” – which for years, was considered Janet Yellen’s most reliable job market indicator – was discontinued.  Quite obviously, due to the fact that, for anyone who has been watching, it relentlessly portrays a labor market far weaker than the “strong” one represented by rigged NFP “headline numbers” like last Friday’s.

Be it purposefully or inadvertently, the powers that be have created “dotcom valuations in a Great Depression Eraand, from an inflation-adjusted perspective, the “most undervalued Precious Metal prices ever.”  This, at a time when Central banks are printing more “money” than ever, just as Bitcoin adoption starts to take off.  In other words, the perfect “monetary storm”; in which, the exodus from historically overvalued, fiat currency based assets, into historically undervalued “scarcity assets” will ultimately, be unprecedented in history; particularly, into the “twin destroyers of the fiat regime,” Precious Metals and Bitcoin.

Today alone, we’re watching America initiate wars – in nearly all instances, unprovoked – on both allies and “enemies” alike.  Be it “traditional,” propaganda-created enemies like Russia, Iran, and North Korea; or “trade” enemies like China; Mexico; and according to Donald Trump, Canada and Germany; America appears hell-bent on creating as much conflict as possible, with as many “opponents” as it can find.  Which, anyone with an even modest knowledge of history knows to be the tell-tale sign of a dying empire.  In America’s case, one where debt has replaced wealth; “service” has replaced manufacturing; socialism has usurped entrepreneurship; dependence has co-opted self-sustenance; and self-interest has replaced community.

Throw in the monetary destruction wrought by the ill-fated, historically disproven attempts by the “1%” to retain the cancerous status quo with the “reserve currency” printing press; which potentially, could explode during the upcoming “debt ceiling” crisis; and we’re talking about a very strong likelihood that the monetary reset guaranteed to engulf the world in the coming years will negatively impacting America, on a relative basis, more than any other nation.  Which is why, more than ever, the necessity to shed overvalued, dollar-denominated assets for real items of value – like historically undervalued Precious Metals – has never been more urgent.

That said, no “PiMBEEB” action or event I have seen or heard, so perfectly describes why I see little, if any downside in today’s historically undervalued Precious Metals market.  And to the contrary, unprecedented upside potential, as the confluence of ragingly bullish supply/demand fundamentals and the inevitable destruction of the “New York Gold Pool”; not to mention, the fiat-killing power of the Bitcoin revolution; have created, in my view, one of the best risk/reward trade-offs in investment history.  This, being a quote from none other than the self-proclaimed “King of Debt” – who just happens to double as the President of the United States – in an interview last week.

“I like a dollar that’s not too strong.  I mean, I’ve seen strong dollars.  And frankly, other than the fact that it sounds good, lots of bad things happen with a strong dollar.  And I do like low interest rates. I mean, you know, I’m not making that a big secret. I think low interest rates are good.” 

In other words, we now have a President with as much of a love for Keynesianism as the most “dovish” Central bankers; who, I might add, will be appointing a new Fed Chairman, Vice Chairman, and several other Fed governors next year.  Thus, if “the most Precious Metal bullish quote ever” isn’t enough to act on, I don’t know what will be.  That is, other than the historic crisis that must inevitably arrive; perhaps, much sooner than most can imagine.  At which point, the price and availability of Precious Metals, and all “scarcity assets,” will be, putting it euphemistically, significantly less favorable.