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Rarely do I read something so disgusting, I retch from just reading the title.  Let alone, when it is published by the most traitorous – supposedly “PM-bullish” – organization in the Americas.

Clearly, the abominable title drew me in.  However – as you can probably imagine – I barely got through the first paragraph before clicking on the “x” at the top right of my screen.  As a precaution, please don’t read the below headline – or go swimming – after a big meal…

CFTC’S Gensler: Role Of Finance Is To Serve The Rest Of The Economy

…particularly if you are bold enough to reach the following filth

Finance serves the economy and allows the public unfettered access to markets and information; establishing prices transparently – free of fraud and manipulation.

-Gary Gensler, CFTC Chairman (and former Goldman Sachs partner)

Why do I show you the ultimate in LIES; from the ultimate LIAR; as published by the ultimate traitor?  Because you need to know what you are up against; a world of scheming CRIMINALS – out to take your money, rights, and liberty.

All societies eventually go into decline; and sadly, the causes are typically the same; complacency, arrogance, and – last but not least – fiat currency.  Once the latter permeates a society, its CANCEROUS effects spread throughout the population; plus trade partners, allies, and foes alike.  Never before have ALL the world’s societies been linked by such a DISEASE – in this case, ironically called the “dollar”; as dollar actually originates from the name of SILVER coins…

The Word “Dollar” and the Dollar Sign $

But I digress, as the ANGER of a society that not only allows, but promotes such indignity is often hard to take.  Gensler – in all his sniveling glory – represents PURE EVIL; and hopefully, the absurd TRANSPARENCY of his platitudes are evidence enough that the ONLY way to financially survive is avoiding the manipulated PAPER markets he and his ilk reside over.

Sorry to SHOCK you right after Christmas; but I’m trying to GIRD you for the horrors that likely await hard-working, law-abiding Americans in the coming years.


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