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Silver Eagle sales are going through the roof, but the demand is not U.S. retail centered.  There are rumors of a big buyer in Europe.  At these prices, silver sales are very robust (See article in Jim Sinclair’s column today).

I was talking to Andy Hoffman this morning and he said the paper market is in total control of the prices.  I said I disagree – sort of.  The paper market is in control until it isn’t.  The minute that physical gold or silver can’t be sourced at the suppressed (paper) prices, the physical market will control the price.  Can that time be far off?  I think not.  And when it turns, there will be a large number of hedge funds that will be in a hurry to exit their positions and the way back up should be as rapid, or even faster, than the way down.

In today’s Featured Articles section, there are several good reports on Alan Greenspan.  I think the best of the bunch is in the Money Morning section.  Be sure and check it out.

For those of our readers who remember Jim Sinclair saying that the Fed will never be able to stop QE, here is his latest thought on the subject:


I read today that the stimulus program was halted. I believe in QE to infinity, so do you see this as a temporary reprieve and/or propaganda to try to calm down Americans?


CIGA Jason


It will be reinstated under a different name in 3 months.


jsmineset.com, October 30, 2014

And finally, be sure and check out the first Featured Article from King World News about  a report from Switzerland that money donated to help pass the gold initiative via a PayPal account set up to transfer it has been frozen – PayPal is silent on the matter.  To what lengths will these criminals stoop to?