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TPTB – led by the HEAD CRIMINAL IN CHARGE, the U.S. GOVERNMENT – wants nothing more than a continuation of the status quo, in which they maintain the world’s power and wealth, while “the 99%” live in misery, angst, and poverty.  Unfortunately, Math 101 works against them, catching up to their fiat PONZI SCHEME like a speeding locomotive.  Their only remaining weapon is the three pronged stratagem of MONEY PRINTING, MARKET MANIPULATION, and PROPAGANDA, but the rub of this plan is it makes the situation worse, propping up zombie nations, municipalities, corporation, and individuals with more suffocating, life-draining debt.  The game ends when CONFIDENCE in their ability to continue this game ends, an inevitable revelation that will occur no matter what TPTB attempt to mask or defer it.  Ultimately, the debt grows so large, its growth shifts from rapid to exponential to parabolic to hyperbolic – the latter stage ushering in HYPERINFLATION.

CONFIDENCE could end under a variety of circumstances, from the realization of exponential/parabolic/hyperbolic debt growth, uncontrollable inflation and unemployment, social unrest, war, or a “Black Swan” event – “false flag” or not.  It can end slowly, like boiling frogs in a pot; quickly, via a “Black Swan” event or market crash; or overnight, per government decree or coup.  No one KNOWS what will happen, but the aforementioned Math101 guarantees it will – it’s just a matter of time.

My view has always been that the world’s six billion people would have a say in this process, as the SURVIVAL INSTINCT is man’s strongest – particularly when billions of men and women share the same, universal FEAR of poverty, pestilence, and destitution.  Not that TPTB won’t fight back with all their might – military, financial, and otherwise – but history shows oppressive governments are ALWAYS overran, be it by citizens, foreigners, or their own hand.  Every nation in the evil banking Cartel – the U.S., Britain, Germany, France, and Japan – has experienced such upheaval, and this time will be no different, other than this “people’s revolution” occurring GLOBALLY

This weekend’s elections – not just in France and Greece, but England – validate this theory, although much larger steps must be taken if this is the means in which the evil banking Cartel is destroyed.  The French voted in the antithesis of Nicholas Sarkozy – an anti-establishment ultra-socialist (bordering on communist) – with little, if any, interest in supporting Europe, while the Greeks took a far more dangerous route, voting out ALL ruling parties in favor of ultra-liberal and ultra-conservative fringe types that could lead the once-proud nation into near-term anarchy.  Britain’s local elections produced a decidedly anti-Cameron result – yielding calls for his resignation – and this month’s German local elections could spell the same fate for soon-to-be lame duck Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Fortunately” for the 99%, which I put in quotes given the horrific perils facing us when “the system” implodes, TPTB cannot stave off debt collapse and hyperinflation much longer, at the rate they are PRINTING MONEY while economic activity simultaneously IMPLODES and social unrest SURGES.  Greece alone could upset the apple cart by reneging on the “bailout deal” which did nothing more than INCREASE its debt while refinancing previous issues, and I continue to maintain this will happen later this year.  France, too, could be the “straw that broke the camel’s back” if Francois Hollande’s administration decides against backstopping the PIIGS, which ironically France is as well.  And the same thing could happen in Euro kingpin Germany, where the majority of citizens have been AGAINST bailing out the PIIGS for the past year.

Only TIME will determine the ultimate means of Cartel destruction (banking, gold, and otherwise), but the end is assured, 100%.  PONZI SCHEMES – in this case, the first ever global fiat monetary system – ALWAYS end in collapse, and this one – the LARGEST EVER – is in its final stages, perhaps the final stage.  Its demise may occur extraneously, but my guess is the PEOPLE will have a MAJOR say in its process and timing!