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In mid-2009, I purchased my last computer (a Dell Inspiron); equipped with Microsoft’s Vista operating system.  I had been told Vista was a nightmare; but given I had no alternative; I “grinned and bore it.”  Fortunately, Vista had already been around for more than two years; and thus, its “bugs” had already been worked out.  However, for millions of worldwide users, it caused immeasurable technology misery; while all the while, Microsoft raked in BILLIONS of profits.

Last month, my Dell crashed, so I purchased a new computer – in this case, a HP Touchsmart.  Unfortunately, my timing was terrible; as Windows 7 – launched four years ago – was just replaced by the BRAND NEW Windows 8; and guess what?  It’s now my turn to experience technology misery

Windows Graph

My computer has been my life for the past eight years – since I started working from home; and thus, I have dealt with EVERY imaginable issue in the tech help universe.  Between bugs, glitches, viruses, and speed issues, I have spent hundreds of hours with online tech support; in some cases, all night.  However, I have NEVER felt the frustration of dealing with a new Microsoft operating system – as I do now with Windows 8; again, whilst Microsoft earns BILLIONS of profits…

Windows 8 sales as strong as Windows 7

Don’t get me wrong; Microsoft products have changed the world – and supported my career from day one.  However, I find the practice of rolling out unfinished products to unsuspecting buyers loathsome; particularly given Microsoft’s notoriously poor customer service.  It rings of the American greed that has contributed mightily to its downfall; i.e., the polar opposite of the principles I utilize not just in business, but life.

At Miles Franklin, profit is technically our “raison d’etre.”  However, it is not the only matter of importance; and in fact, one could argue that our mission statement – as “MILES FRANKLIN, PROTECTION PROVIDER” – is to safeguard our clients’ best interests.

From working with Andy and David Schectman these past 19 months, I can tell you unequivocally that spreading the gospel of REAL MONEY is extremely important to them; which, – like myself – they hold personally in significant quantities.  Consequently, we sleep the “SLEEP OF THE JUST”; as each day, we know we have honestly and truthfully helped people.  Moreover, Bill Holter has been writing FREE missives for the past decade of how people should PROTECT themselves; and anyone that has spoken to our brokers – on average, with 18 years of industry experience – will tell you the same.  That is, the “PURSUIT OF PROFIT” is important, but not as important as how it’s done.

Bullion dealing will always be a low margin business – that is, until supply inevitably becomes scarce – but we are extremely proud of how we conduct ourselves in administering it.  Give us a call, as it’s ALWAYS free to ask questions!