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You could have stayed home today and turned off your computer.   Most of the traders probably are enjoying their year-end vacation. Technically, nothing of any importance was accomplished. Gold- Down $14.70 and still searching for a bottom.

In today’s daily, I urge you to read Bill Murphy’s LeMetropole Café section.  This is one of my favorite newsletters, one I have been reading, daily, since 2001.  He should be on your “don’t miss” list.  As many of you know, Andy Hoffman got his feet wet on the Café.  He formed his views by following Murphy and GATA.  It’s a goooood article today!

Bix Weir sent out the following email today.  It promotes an interview from the SGT Report with our own Andy Hoffman.  I have listened to it and it is fabulous; just fabulous.  If you really are interested in how the gold and silver market are manipulated (and you should be), then log onto the following interview:
Our friend Sean over at SGTreport.com conducted an excellent interview with Andy Hoffman (Ranting Andy) that gives you a great idea of how far we’ve come down the Road to Roota. Here’s the interview:
Silver & Gold: ‘Ranting Andy’ Answers YOUR Questions
“Ranting Andy” has been a fixture over the last couple years at GATA and Bill Murphy’s LetmetropoleCafe.com and I think he has really developed a good grasp of the situation. As a matter of fact, this is the first gold/silver manipulation interview that I have listened to where most of his answers are directly in line with the Road to Roota Theory. Oh how far we’ve come!
The only things I would challenge are :
1) I do believe that Ron Paul will be our next President as he is being positioned by the “Good Guys” in order to assist in the transition after the Global Monetary Crash. (Keep a lookout for the Sarah Palin endorsement of Ron at just the right time to help gain the support of “Middle America”.)
2) Although I agree that the CFTC is not going to implement the position limits rule BEFORE the crash (because it would cause it), I also believe that they WILL implement the rule AFTER THE CRASH in an attempt to restart the old system. (Although I don’t think it will work for long.)
The Road to Roota Theory is not what you will hear in mainstream gold and silver commentary but day after day, month after month my theory is being validated. The big difference between my theory and others is that I have shown that it is all being done on purpose and I have run the scenarios to their end game…the RETURN of a real Gold/Silver Standard in the United States!
Read and re-read my January 2007 article:
The Original Road to Roota
Bravo to Andy and Sean for seeing through the FOG and exposing the TRUTH!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

I also urge you to check out Andy’s Rant yesterday titled Lockdown.