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The “dog days” of summer are nearly over; and with September’s onset, many of the world’s dire financial problems will be back on CENTER STAGE.  Europe’s dying PIIGS – and the myriad bailouts, and likely bail-ins that await them – are a case in point; as is a second U.S. “debt ceiling” fiasco – per the below tweet from former Citigroup officer, and current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew…

I am calling on Congress today to raise the debt ceiling as soon as members get back to Washington after their summer recess.

Jacob Lew, August 22, 2013

The REAL economy is weakening by the hour, and the structural unemployment that plagues the dying American empire is the former economic superpower’s “ground zero”; while soaring healthcare costs are among the relentless headwinds it faces, per this selection of quotes from a Laissez Faire Today article…

According to a new study from Bank of America, 70 percent of chief financial officers cite health costs as their top concern, up from 51 percent last year; mainly because of what they expect Obamacare to do to costs.  Many smaller companies are contemplating dropping family coverage entirely — and will instead offer benefits to workers only, thanks to the higher costs on the way due to Obamacare.  Insurance companies have already warned small business customers that premiums could rise 20 percent; and as for States, Ohio estimates premiums will shoot up an average of 41 percent, while Indiana officials say theirs will climb 72 percent.

LFT, August 22, 2013

Such stagflation, and the soaring debt that accompanies it, is why Central bank “QE” MONEY PRINTING programs – in both the U.S. and abroad – can NEVER, EVER be stopped; or frankly, “tapered.”  To wit, only PHYSICAL Precious Metals are guaranteed to protect your net worth over time; and once the growing tsunami of rising demand and falling supply reaches a crescendo – likely by the end of 2014 – the current incarnation of the price-suppressing Cartel will be history; just as the London Gold Pool and all others before it.