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Here is the latest “Total PMs Pool” chart updated for the end of the week. It’s at another new high in weight. So no matter how much ‘da boyz’ huff and puff…or how much Charlie Munger tries to put down the precious metals, that’s where the money is going. It’s only a matter of time before we hit a new high in total value as well.

According to Deepcaster, “Legendary Billionaire Investor Jim Rogers is right. The inevitable result of The Feds (and ECB and other Central Banks’), Printing Money in excess of any Real increase in the value of Goods and services, is Highly Inflationary.

But it is important to realize that it usually takes a few months for that Monetary Inflation to manifest itself as Price Inflation. But in the U.S., for example, (and elsewhere) it is already showing up as Inflation in Food and Energy Prices.

Indeed, the Real Numbers (as opposed to the Bogus Official Ones) show that the U.S. is already at a Hyperinflationary Threshold of 10.28%/yr. per


In The News Today

May 4, 2012, at 10:39 am
by Jim Sinclair

John Williams’ latest report guarantees QE to infinity. They will even deny what they are doing when they announce they are doing it.

– For Second Month, Household-Survey Employment Fell as Payroll Growth Faltered

– April Unemployment: 8.1% (U.3), 14.5% (U.6), 22.3% (SGS)

– Annual M3 Growth Weakened in April as Velocity Rose

– New Indicator Shows Intensifying Systemic Stress

– Impaired Construction Spending Continued