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First, the un-reality; and as usual, there’s plenty to go around.  Starting with a question I pose to you, the audience; as well as everyone on the planet – including those that listen to what “the powers that be” tell them, and believe what they say, no matter how incredulous.  Which is, how can the Belgian Stock Exchange have risen yesterday, following one of the worst – and occurring at the international airport, symbolic – terrorist events in European history?

Yes, my friends; whilst gold, the most time-honored safe haven asset man has known was being capped via a prototypical “Cartel Herald” algorithm at the time immemorial “2:15 AM” key attack time (which as I discussed yesterday, seems to “miraculously” occur following all such events); Belgian investors, amidst chaotic conditions reminiscent of 9/11, enjoyed stock gains, thanks to a late day “hail mary” rally; as usual, catalyzed by the U.S. PPT’s equally prototypical “dead ringer” algorithm of the “Dow Jones Propaganda Average.”  Which, I kid you not, is the seventh straight day this nearly ubiquitous algorithm has been used.  And by the way, the other “gold bearish, equity bullish” news of the U.S. trading day was the “unexpected” plunge in the PMI Manufacturing Index – its biggest “miss” versus expectations in three years, to nearly recessionary conditions.  Which of course was released at the “key attack time” when the global physical PM markets close – 10:00 AM EST – which is exactly when said “dead ringer” algorithm kicks in, yielding the stock markets’ bottom for the day nearly three-quarters of the time.


Followed, of course, by last night’s blitzkrieg Cartel raid at the stroke of midnight, with not a single other market materially moved.  Not to mention, this morning’s, as I write around 8:00 AM EST; in which, gold was hit for $5/oz in one minute’s time; and then silver – the very day after it finally completed its technical “golden cross” – was smashed for a whopping 1.5% in ten seconds.  Again, with no other markets budging.

Other than crude oil, that is, down a modest 1% following last night’s announcement of one of the largest – and most “unexpected” – inventory builds in years.  Which itself, is the type of news that has catalyzed demand for real money since the CRB Commodity Index started plunging 18 months ago.  To that end, to all my “deflationist” friends out there; amidst the CRB’s horrific 50% plunge since the middle of 2014 – in which Central banks, the “oil PPT,” and every imaginable manipulative “weapon” has been deployed in an attempt to reflate the un-reflatable; gold prices have not budged, despite every imaginable manipulative tool being utilized to suppress them.  To wit, global demand for the average commodity has plunged during this time, whilst supply has exploded (see last night’s oil inventory data).  And yet, Precious Metal demand has surged to all-time highs, whilst above ground inventories have plunged, and supply peaked!  Gee, I wonder when the next supply shortage will arrive – like the massive silver shortage we experienced last summer, second in intensity only to the “big one” in late 2008.

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And I haven’t even mentioned the real world geopolitical ramifications of yesterday’s Brussels attack – which as you can imagine, has been blamed on, and “claimed,” by the same Muslim “insurgents” at the heart of Europe’s exploding “migrancy crisis.”  Or the financial ramifications of the Bank of Japan’s recent foray into negative interest policy – where the unfathomable inversion of the entire Japanese yield curve suggests all Japanese bonds may soon have negative yields, as investors hoard every maturity along the yield curve, knowing full well that their last chance for “income” – before hyperinflation inevitably arrives – will be the Bank of Japan’s kamikaze monetization schemes.  To that end, Jim Rickards last night held one of his “emergency” podcasts from Tokyo, warning investors that the great Japanese Ponzi will implode by year-end.

Or in Europe, where the exact same thing is occurring – as “Goldman Mario,” in the most ill-begotten monetary policy decision in history – has set the stage for the greatest financial “deformation” of all time.  To wit, the “jockeying” and “lobbying” of corporate issuers to be included in the ECB’s recently announced, but not yet specified, corporate bond monetization scheme has not only caused in explosion of issuance by already over-levered corporations, amidst the worst economic environment in generations; but has current issuers working overtime cooking their books, attempting to prove their worthiness as “bailout” candidates.  And given such “bailout” money currency is being fabricated from thin air, the term “bail-in” – of hundreds of millions of Europeans, via inflation – is far more apt.

Sorry if this article is a bit rambling; but hey, no one can paint a Picasso each day.  And god knows I try – this week alone, writing five articles and taping four podcasts, not including tomorrow’s likely Audioblog taping.  However, the sheer weight of said un-reality is overwhelming – and if you saw the list of additional items I could easily add to this list, you’d understand just how daunting this task often is.  Let alone, whilst I’m simultaneously watching yet another Cartel blitzkrieg attack, catalyzed by NOTHING but terrified “powers that be” doing everything in their cumulative power to quash real money sentiment, amidst the aforementioned “rising momentum of reality.”

That said, reality is unquestionably winning the day, as only the “financial markets” have not yet been lost.  And nothing screams reality more than anti-establishment demagogues taking the political world by storm – like Donald Trump, for example.  For better or worse, the people of America – and the world – are expressing their anger at what said “powers that be” have done to them via political revolution, supporting candidates promising the opposite of what incumbents have done.

Not that Trump, or anyone else, has the ability to “fix” a broken, collapsing monetary system, featuring hyperinflationary policies and spiraling, unpayable debt.  However, unorthodox people have highly unorthodox ideas – and in Trump’s case, of all places, one such “unorthodox” idea relates to gold.  As apparently, his acceptance of $200,000 worth of gold five years ago as a rental down payment from a major bullion dealer was not just a publicity stunt after all – per just uncovered comments he made a year ago, when asked about it.

In some ways I like the gold standard, and there is something very nice about the gold standard…We used to have a very solid country because it was based on a gold standard, and we do not have that anymore…It would be very, very hard to do at this point – and one of the problems is we do not have the gold.  Other places have the gold.”

Not to mention, his views of the Fed…

Audit it, absolutely…I really think you can have it or not have it…I’m not a fan. I’m not a big fan. Audit, 100%.”

So it turns out that not only is Trump a “goldbug” of sorts, but is well aware of the fraud of America’s so-called 8,134 tonnes of Ft. Knox, West Point, and Denver Mint stored gold reserves.  Nor is he a “fan” of the Federal Reserve – which he could just as easily “do without,” as with.

Does this necessarily mean Trump will win?  And that he will audit the Fed?  And Fort Knox?  Of course not; and frankly, the notion that said “goldbugs” will one day be liberated by such a specific “truth bomb” appears fanciful at best.  However, what truth seekers like us unquestionably have on their side is the “rising momentum of reality.”  And whether it arrives via truth bomb, a “white knight” on a white horse, or a seemingly unrelated series of events, it will eventually arrive, overwhelming the entire, dangerously tottering world of Central-bank fostered monetary fraud like a tsunami.