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This weekend, I came across the article below, by Graham Summers of Phoenix Capital.  He just returned from a trip to Paris, in which he saw – up close and personal – the anger against pro-Euro government and thus, a “RISING NATIONALISTIC TIDE.”  This should be no surprise to anyone, given that Nicolas Sarkozy was unceremoniously booted out of office last week in favor of a near-COMMUNIST, the “ultra-left” Francois Hollande.

The Rise of Nationalism Will End the Euro Before Year’s End

According to Summers, the French people are happier about defeating Sarkozy than electing Hollande, as they are tired of seeing their nation run into the ground by German-influenced policies that amount to socialism for the entire continent.  Quite hypocritical for a nation that is itself socialist – and just elected an “ultra-socialist” – but the “GENERATION GIMME” French are happy to use this fatally flawed economic system, SO LONG AS IT IS ONLY FOR THEM.  In other words, they are perfectly willing to destroy themselves with socialism – and have done a fabulous job of doing so – but not to fund the PIIGS.

Let’s “suspend disbelief” for a second – in that France itself requires such aide to survive.  However, I agree whole-heartedly with such sentiment, as France (and others) have enough of their own problems to deal with.  Even the concept of a BANKRUPT France attempting to save other HOPELESS nations is ridiculous, especially when some of them – like Italy – are as large as themselves.  Then again, French banks are the largest holders of Italian, Greek, and Spanish debt – so ignoring them is like “biting off your nose to spite your face.”  Talk about painting yourself into a corner:

Rising nationalism – as we saw starkly in last week’s French and Greek elections – is by no means a European-only phenomenon.  However, given that the Euro currency is the current focal point of the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS, it will likely dominate headlines for months to come.  And NO REGION ON EARTH has a longer – and more brutal – history of war and nationalistic hatred than Europe.  England, France, and Germany have been involved in no less than a dozen major wars over the centuries, and aside from Switzerland, one would be hard pressed to identify a European nation that has been immune to intercontinental wars – be they over property, religion, or territory.

Last August, I penned a RANT titled “UNPRECEDENTED,” in which I predicted not only the breakup of the Euro Zone and Euro Currency, but eventually, the United States as well.  The situation in Europe today – and the U.S. shortly – is not much different than the U.S.S.R. of 30 years ago, or even the Roman Empire of 1,500 years ago.  These dominions – and many others throughout history – were bloated, imperialistic societies, corrupted by their own success.  Ultimately – often due to the imposition of fiat currencies – these nations were forced into destructive forms of socialism, ultimately yielding economic collapse and, subsequently, nationalism-led fragmentation.

Ranting Andy:  Unprecedented

I have an old globe I received as a birthday present as a child, depicting the U.S.S.R. and many other now defunct nations.  The same will happen to the current globe – as has occurred with all prior geopolitical formations – and amidst this transition hyperinflation, social unrest, and totalitarian government.


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