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Last week, the long-awaited documentary Secret World of Gold was aired by CBC, or the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  From the wars fought over it, the fraud perpetrated to mask its value, and the intrigue behind how it is traded and accounted for, Brian McKenna does a masterful job shedding light on monumentally important questions asked by more and more each day…

Brian McKenna explores The Secret World of Gold

The roughly 45 minute piece is MUST WATCH material regarding the gold SUPPRESSION I have written of for a decade

The Secret World Of Gold Part 1

The Secret World Of Gold Part 2

The Secret World Of Gold Part 3
…featuring some the top “good, smart people” I have come across; including John Embry, “ADMIRAL SPROTT,” and “whistleblower” Andrew Maguire – who I had the great pleasure of meeting at the August 2011 London GATA Conference…


Please watch this highly entertaining – and educational – documentary, and pass it on to as many people as possible.  The END GAME for the Cartel is in sight…

Why $50,000 Gold? – Jim Sinclair

…and NOW is the time to pounce; particularly on May 1st…

The Truth Rises – Coordinated Strikes Work Both Ways – May 1st 2013


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