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We found out yesterday that the Bank of England “shredded” their records  from the “crisis era.”  Why did they do this?  Were the folders and papers just stacking up too high and leaving too little room for storage space of their gold bars?  Were the records just SO old that they were collecting dust and becoming a potential mold problem?

The Bank of England posts their “minutes” with a 5 year delay, similar to our Federal Reserve.  This inquiry by parliament has come about to look into the Libor scandal of FOREX manipulation.  Logically there will also be an inquiry regarding the “fixing” of the London gold fix.  It was said that once the “minutes” were posted, the recordings themselves get destroyed.  Even an inquisitive child of 5 or 6 years old would ask, “But why Daddy?”  Why would the recordings themselves get destroyed?  Why not just be “lazy,” not lift a finger and the recordings get to “live” on?  Surely there is some historical value to them?  Think about it, some of the most “innovative” monetary policy decisions in all of history were decided upon.  Wouldn’t historians want to hear “how and why” these particular decisions were made…50 or 100 years in the future (or even today)?

I’m sorry, this smells like rotten monkfish to me!  The ONLY possible reason to destroy recordings (which are presumably on CD’s and would not take up too much “space”) is to destroy evidence.  The only thing that remains are the “minutes” which are taken and written by a human being…human beings are unfortunately known not to always be 100% truthful.  Recordings don’t lie…which is why they need to be destroyed?  Can you only imagine what went on behind the closed doors of the Bank of England?… any more than we can wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of the Fed as we only have “written” descriptions here also.

The “Greatest Depression” is not over yet, not even close so why “close the case” so to speak?  The most obvious reason for the recordings to be destroyed is to hide the “truth.”  The truth is exactly what would/will blow the financial markets sky high.  Can you imagine what the response would be to a discussion about “how broke” various institutions were/are?   Can you imagine the response by the public hearing first hand with their own ears how “rigged” the markets are…because they HAVE to be?  Can you imagine the panic buying of gold were the clandestine selling to have been spoken about behind the closed British doors?  There was a story a couple of weeks back where Jim Willie suggested that Saudi gold was being sold by the British, can you imagine the market reactions were this to be true and BOE officials heard audibly laughing about it?  And then made public through recordings?

Speaking of the Saudis, they have a 4 day meeting with China that begins today.  What in the world “could” they be talking about?  Could it be as obvious as to the Saudi’s supplying oil to China?  Ya’ think?  Might they also be discussing “terms of payment?”  Is it possible that Saudi Arabia would gladly accept payment in something other than dollars?  Could they be talking about doing a deal together but Saudi Arabia is worried about U.S. backlash or retaliation and wants Chinese “assurances of protection?”  I can come up with any number of speculations on this one, most all of them having at least some tidbit of actual truth.

This is not a hard one to figure as just 4 months ago Saudi Arabia (and Israel) was on the other side of the table from the U.S. over the Syria situation.  We “blinked” which showed several things to the world.  Because the situation was handled so poorly by President Obama, the world saw us in a very “weak” light.  They also saw us not standing behind our allies of so many years.  If you recall, the Saudis were quite vocal at the time but have since been quiet for the most part.  Why is this?  Because as they said at the time, “We stabbed them in the back”…and now they are getting their ducks in a row to “alter” their business dealings.

Put these pieces together.  The Chinese have hoarded the “anti-dollar,” gold.  The Saudis have oil to sell but they are disgruntled with their deal of accepting dollars because we “crossed” them and they are not dumb…they know that we are broke.  The Chinese have a huge appetite for oil and want to cut a deal to provide for their own future supply.  The Saudi Prince Salman is meeting with China’s president to discuss “boosting their partnership.”  The Saudis are currently accepting a bankrupt currency for a real commodity, THEIR ONLY real commodity export!  So what do we have here?  DING! DING! “Winner, winner, chicken dinner!”  The Saudis will cut a deal to supply China with oil in payment of something other than dollars…how hard was that one to figure out?  It is only a matter of time before some deal like this is announced.  The “lights” will then go out on the dollar overnight when this happens.

Actually, how hard is anything to figure out these days?  Nearly anything that you read in mainstream western press is not true, or at least points you in the wrong direction.  The monetary system is a complete fraud from top to bottom and anything that “the people” are told is usually a misdirection play.  Read, listen and watch with a skeptical eye, use common sense when analyzing information and always remember that the obvious or the simplest answer is usually THE answer.  This is not rocket science, nor is it “conspiracy theory.”  This is advice for you to navigate the ability to survive.  There are no “mainstream” entities out there that have your best interests at heart.  You have to make your own decisions and go your own way for your own protection.  Keep it simple and follow your gut instincts even if they are 180 degrees backwards from what the media tries to drum into you 24/7.  I say this because “they” have an agenda…as does your gut instinct, only your “gut” is the pure human nature “agenda” for survival…yours!