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Gary Christenson wrote this article for Miles Franklin.  This article includes sarcasm and discusses popular economic nonsense.

Silver and gold are partial solutions since politicians will be no help.

I am a “Snowflake” and proud. You may sneer at us but I doubt you understand our perspective. I’ll educate you with the Snowflake Manifesto.

First, as an American citizen, I have certain benefits guaranteed in the constitution written hundreds of years ago. 

Second, those benefits entitle me to necessities. We all need food, shelter, clothing and internet access.  The SNAP program is the successor to the food stamp program back when the ancients used paper certificates. But in this century we use EBT cards to buy food. Everyone can eat if they take part in the SNAP program and use their EBT cards. Food is a basic necessity, and the government provides it.

We need shelter and the government runs programs that meet the basic right of shelter. An example is Section Eight housing. We appreciate the wise congressional leaders who created this legislation.

We need clothing and believe suitable clothing is a basic need. The government has not done a good job providing clothing for people, but I am optimistic that legislation will soon fill this hole in our social safety net.  In the interim clothing is available in shelters, thrift stores, churches and at many charities.

Internet access is another basic need not mentioned in the constitution because the internet didn’t exist back then. Regardless, free internet is available in some cities and in many fast-food restaurants, coffee shops and other stores.

Government provides benefits for people including “snowflakes.” We enjoy more benefits in California because California always leads in social trends.

A Snowflake Manifesto should address basic human needs and include: 

a) Jobs for everyone. Not everyone can work and some don’t want to work. But people should be entitled to work for their self-esteem.

b) Universal Basic Income or UBI. American citizens are entitled to food, shelter, clothing and internet access. Not all of those entitlements are free. A UBI for all Americans, whether or not here legally, is essential to pay for those basic rights that are not free. Read this.

c) Free health insurance. The constitution did not address free health insurance because back when it was written there was no health insurance. But if the government must feed, shelter and clothe its citizens, it also must care for their health. Obamacare was a good beginning, but the legislation failed because insurance companies gouged participants. Free health care should be available to everyone.

d) Free education. We are entitled to basic education through High School. Many people want a college education, but the costs are high. A non-negotiable demand in the Snowflake Manifesto must be free college and post-graduate education for all who qualify academically.

e) Expanded Social Security and Medicare. I trust future legislation will expand those programs to benefit more and younger people.

As an activist and believer in The Snowflake Manifesto, I urge everyone to understand and support our basic needs and entitlements as citizens. Email your congressional representatives and encourage them to provide for basic needs.

I understand that some individuals will not agree with the Snowflake Manifesto. Others will ask questions.  I’ll answer typical questions:

Question:  What makes you believe you are entitled to these benefits?

Answer:  The constitution guarantees certain benefits for Americans.  Other benefits are logical extensions.

Question:  The Snowflake Manifesto program sounds expensive. Who will pay for food, shelter, clothing and internet access?

Answer:  Food comes from a grocery store and EBT cards pay for it. No problem! Shelter is provided by government programs. If not, a UBI will pay for housing, or the EBT program can be expanded to include shelter and clothing costs.  Internet access varies by location but if not free, then UBI or EBT cards should pay.

Question:  I worked for everything.  Why should snowflakes get it for free?

Answer:  We live with our self-imposed limitations.  You believe you must work and I believe the government should provide. We are both correct.

Question:  I want no one to starve, but shouldn’t everyone work for the food they eat?

Answer:  That is my point with a government guaranteed jobs program.  If someone wants to work, they should have the opportunity to work.

Question:  Do you believe this nonsense?

Answer:  It’s not nonsense, and is a recognition of basic human rights. For example, Senator Bernie Sanders is working on a program that guarantees all Americans a job with health insurance.

From a different perspective – one not acceptable to Snowflakes:

a) The Snowflake Manifesto is hokum, but government may expand benefits. Who would have believed twenty years ago that a UBI, guaranteed jobs or universal free health insurance would be possible?

b) Social Security and Medicare began as small programs for a few people. Their benefits, costs and administrative bureaucracy have expanded. Government may implement and expand portions of the Snowflake Manifesto at a huge cost.

c) The U.S. government runs $ trillion dollar deficits each year. Benefits listed in the Snowflake Manifesto will increase those deficits. A Republican Vice President once stated, “Deficits don’t matter.” Many will demand the government implement these programs, borrow to pay for them and claim everyone gains.

d) Because a “free lunch” is a myth, everyone will pay the costs of expanded government programs, deficit spending, dollar devaluations and out-of-control government expenses. Expect larger deficits, more consumer price inflation and higher prices.

Silver and gold make sense in a crazy economic world. Out-of-control expenditures, expanding benefits, larger social programs, horrific debt and excessive borrowing guarantee more inflation. Expect a financial reset someday.

Much can happen between now and the 2020 elections. Call Miles Franklin for “Snowflake Insurance” in the form of silver and gold bullion.

Gary Christenson