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On Sunday morning, Jim Sinclair issued a warning that should send a chill down your spine! Click on the link below to read his warning:

The Terminal Beginning Of The Western Financial World

If anyone other than Jim Sinclair issued this warning, I would be less concerned.  But I have read every word that Sinclair has published in the last 10 years and he, simply put, has been visionary, and nearly infallible.  Who can dismiss his warnings after his remarkable prediction that gold would hit $1,650 in early 2011, a prediction first uttered eight years in advance!
In January 2003, Mr. Sinclair’s “Jim Sinclair’s MineSet,” was launched and now hosts his gold commentary as a free service to the gold community.
On this website Sinclair makes the announcement.
“My position on timing and price is that Gold will trade at USD $1650 before the second week of January 2011.”
“I am offering a $1,000,000USD wager to a financially qualified party that this will occur within the stated timeframe. Any party on Bloomberg, CNBC or CNN-Business stating an opposite opinion on the price of gold should be informed of this challenge.
O.K., it didn’t happen until July; he missed by six months, but his prediction was issued in 2003 with gold selling at $400.  By the way, no one took him up on his wager.

Sinclair was one of, if not the first person to issue dire warnings about the dangers of the derivatives market and the CDSs.  Once again, he was correct.

I featured his warnings, all of them, in my newsletter.  To some of you, his predictions get lost in the midst of other interesting articles and opinions that are part of every daily I write.  But rest assured, when Sinclair speaks, David listens!  And acts!  I have told you repeatedly, most of my net worth is in gold, silver and platinum coins and has been for many years, safely tucked away in our storage facilities in North Dakota and Montreal.  What Sinclair is warning you about is something I could see coming for a long time now.  The part of his article that is the most important to me is the TIMING.  2015!  I should add that Gerald Celente and John Williams are also on board on the 2015 date.  We only have about 36 months left to get our personal finances in order.  Actually less, because prices will be rapidly rising along the way, so in reality, this is YOUR LAST CALL to buy gold and silver at way-undervalued prices.  This is not a sales pitch, this is a fact!

I have maintained that you should only hold onto a minimum of dollars and dollar-based assets, no more than necessary.  That may mean unloading stocks, bonds, and annuities.  Does this sound extreme?  Yes it does, and it is, but so are the times we live in, whether you acknowledge it or not.  It is my goal to help you open your eyes, while there is still time left.  Sinclair feels the same way I do, and so does Ranting Andy Hoffman, which is why he is such a perfect fit here at Miles Franklin.  Andy was hired, not to be a salesmen but as a “Pied Piper.”  A Ranting Pied Piper.

Many of our readers still have doubts.  They ask me, “David, how can you be so sure?”  Well, for starters, consider my track record.  I have been urging you to buy gold and silver since 2001, long before most writers and investors even took notice of gold.  We switched our clients from the Swiss franc based annuities we sold them in the 90s into gold in late 2001 and 2002.  It was perfect timing.  I urged our readers to buy gold at $300, at $400, at $500 and at every $100 increment all the way up to $1,900.  When gold backed off and the bears came out in droves (yeh that includes you, Larry Edelson).  I held firm that this was just another normal (Cartel induced) correction and that you should buy the dips.  I did.  Did you?  I was bullish on gold but I was even more bullish on silver.  And I still am, even though it lost more than half its value since last spring.  I kept on buying.  When silver finishes the year North of $50, as I expect it will, how many of you will be able to claim you jumped back in at $27, or $28 or even $33?  In case you haven’t been paying attention, silver is up around one-third, since it bottomed in December.  Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say?  Since it bottomed in December, gold is up a couple of hundred bucks too.  Look for gold to finish the year at $2,000 or higher, and then really start to take off in 2013.  2012 is an election year so gold and silver can’t be allowed to attract too much attention, and the stock market will have to show some gains.  Gotta keep the voters happy, you know.

The gains in gold and silver (which reflect the loss of value of the US dollar) have been impressive, so far, but you haven’t seen anything yet.  It has taken over a decade for gold to gain $1,400.  Sinclair says, “The clock is ticking and Alf’s numbers are in the crosshairs of the gold price.”  What does he mean?  What is Alf Field’s target for gold?  He is saying gold will hit at least $10,000! In other words, Jim thinks that if you buy gold now, in the next three years it will rise another $8,000.  Are you paying attention?  Or are you going to stand idly by and ignore Jim’s warnings – and miss out on the bull market of your lifetime?  Trust me, if you don’t participate, your dollar-denominated net worth stands to lose a tremendous amount of its purchasing power.  You really can’t afford to be wrong on this one!  You best think this through, carefully.  You have so much to lose – or conversely so much to gain, based on your ability to understand where things are headed – and do something about it, while there is still time left, and product left for you to purchase.  The higher the price goes the harder it will be to find physical gold and silver, from us or any dealer.  The market is already tight, and it will get MUCH worse.

When doubt creeps in, just remind yourself that gold has finished the year higher than the previous year, for 11 consecutive years.  This is not a fluke!  It happened for a reason and it will continue to happen, every year, right up until 2015 when, if Sinclair is right, the dollar will be an unwanted currency.  Either you will be on the right side of this or you won’t.  There isn’t much more I can say to help keep you out of harms way.  I keep hoping that by reading what I publish, on a daily basis, many of you will be influenced and avoid financial and social pain that will come to pass when the dollar and the bond market tank.  We owe it to our kids and our grandchildren to preserve our wealth, and pass it down.  They’re going to need all the help we can give them.

Let me wind this up with the following thought.  Whether or not Sinclair’s predictions prove to be correct, that the dollar and the Treasury Market implode by 2015 and gold soars to $10,000; even if he is wrong, it will only be by a matter of “degree,” and the absolute “timing” of the event.”  But I believe that he is right.  That is where we are headed, maybe sooner, maybe a bit later.  Gold may or may not hit $10,000, but it will end up way, way higher than it is today.  How about a double or triple in the next four years?  Would you be o.k. with that?  I would prefer that scenario, since it means that the powers that be found a way to push off the inevitable for a while longer.  Yes, that would be good.
Bill Holter: “Do You See Where This is Going?”
Deal on, deal off in Greece.  Does it matter?  Whatever “deal” is done, someone, somewhere will take a loss.  Does Greece defaulting cause a cascade of defaults?  It should but maybe it doesn’t (directly), maybe it will by way of exposing the truth about the state of the entire world’s debt dilemma.  No one can tell you they know all of the ramifications here, I am sure that there are “effects” that haven’t even been contemplated yet much less planned for.  The only thing that I am sure of is that this situation will soon come to a head as Greece has a big rollover next month that cannot happen without outside help.
Which leads me to today’s action in the markets.  The Dow is down about 1%; if this sticks it will be the first day of 2012 where the Dow closes down triple digits.  I did not realize this and could not believe it with the current fundamental global financial backdrop.  The same “reporters” from CNBC who are hyperventilating about the Dow dropping because of Greece are also reporting about Gold going down for the same reason.  HORSECOCKY!  Greeks are not selling Gold; neither are Europeans, Asians nor anyone else.  Paper is being shuffled and sold on the COMEX and the LBMA is playing their useless 100 to 1 fractional shell game where real Gold does not even move from one corner of the room to the other.
No, a Greek default is no reason for Gold to “go down” (the Dollar strengthen).  The bullshit spin that is (and has been) shoved down the sheeple’s throats is that the “safe haven” to any and all problems is into the Dollar.  The reality is that the Dollar is as broke behind the scenes as any other currency; the only difference is the massive scope and size.  This is about solvency or lack of, not liquidity.  The fact that we live in a fiat world where “debt” is the underpinning to the “values” of currency, morphs this debt crisis into a currency crisis.  In ALL of history, when a fiat money succumbs and dies, Gold has ALWAYS been THE safe haven…period!
Today, it is all fiat everywhere and hard money nowhere.  The current system was never tried in past history because people would have laughed it away and not used the “mandated” currency.  So we face THE biggest currency crisis in all of history yet conventionally spun wisdom is to sell your Gold for the “safety” of U.S. Dollars.  I understand that “The Powers That Be” don’t want to lose their power and want to continue the current fraud until the very last drop of blood is squeezed from this stone, what I don’t understand is how any guest on CNBC can tow this ridiculous line with a straight face.  No, anyone with even basic education or core logic could not in good conscience spew the fantasy bullshit we are exposed to every day!
Please take a moment to think about this, if you were to wake up Monday morning to find out that for whatever reason the banks were closed, what would go through your mind?  You would probably wonder if you had to go to work.  After finding out that your workplace was closed, then you would think “groceries”.  You would probably find some stores open but only accepting “cash” since your debit and credit cards aren’t working.  So you are lucky enough to have some cash on hand, find a store with some goods left and you don’t get mugged going into or out of the store.  Now what?  “Time” goes into suspended animation because no one knows how long this “holiday” is going to last.  Then and only then do you get to sit down and calmly think.  Are you happy with a warm fuzzy feeling that your jumbo FDIC insured balances are safe?  How about your remaining cash Dollars?  Your Silver or Gold stuffed in a box, buried or held overseas? 
Do you see where this is going?  I don’t care what anyone says, pure logic and pure mathematics say that the current currency and financial systems are headed straight into a default ditch; of this I am 100% sure with no reservations.  Now, if you can “mentally” fast forward to the future where “default” has already happened, would you, your neighbor, banker, broker, doctor, plumber or priest even contemplate trading physical metal for paper that derives its value from the debt of a defaulted system?  Stupid STUPID question, right?  So…if you are still with me here…why would you ever get scared and consider selling Gold or Silver anything now or until after the global default occurs?  Why would you listen to someone on CNBC (who is either lying to you or a mental midget) telling you that Gold is “risky”?  It is not, Gold is Gold, Gold IS money…period. 
My purpose for writing this piece is because I believe volatility in the Dollar/Gold relationship is going to increase dramatically.  I have always tried to chime in when “fear” in Gold investors is high and try to help strengthen any weak knees.  What we have been witnessing since last November has been a 3 ring circus of manipulation aimed at scaring people away from the only true lifeboats on the planet, Gold and Silver.  Please spend a few minutes thinking about a world where the banking system is not there for you and remember this the next time you have any scary thoughts about selling your Gold.  The ONLY scary thought is you actually selling your Gold; it is the only insurance company that won’t be bankrupt after the coming debt and currency wildfires! 
Celente – Gold, Silver, War, Systemic Collapse & Social Unrest (kingworldnews.com)
With growing fears about the stability of the financial system, a looming war and a stampede of wealthy investors into hard assets, today King World News interviewed Gerald Celente, Founder of Trends Research and the man many consider to be the top trends forecaster in the world. Celente had this to say about an increased number of investors that have been crowding into gold and other hard assets: “The smart people are (buying gold) and more and more people are waking up to it. So the people that are going to survive and thrive are going to be the ones that are prepared, the ones that are going to see history before it happens and get ready for it and there are very few.”