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I have wondered for years now whether or not the perceived “foolishness” of the leadership here in the U.S. was really foolish or if it was really a planned “gutting” from the inside out.  I think it was as far back as 2007 that I started scratching my head on this issue.  As time went on I became more and more convinced that “no one could be this foolish” and in fact the actual plan was the destruction of our economy and thus our way of life and ultimately our sovereignty.

Yesterday, Alisdair Mcleod released a great piece  that I would urge everyone to spend 5 minutes reading.  In this he “puts the pieces of the puzzle together.”  For 2 years (in reality much longer) the world has been changing drastically behind the scenes.  We have not really seen it in the press (except in small pieces and excerpts) but we have felt it in our daily lives as economies have slowed further and further.  The changes behind the scenes have been that of “changing alliances” and the U.S. regularly being pressured and isolated.  We have watched as China has scoured the globe and made deals for raw materials on every continent, even Canada now has deals in place to supply China with raw material.

China has warmed relations in all directions.  They stand directly next to Russia and have wooed former U.S. allies from Saudi Arabia to even Great Britain.  They have done this not through force or pressure as has been the methods of the U.S. for so many years.  No, they have created business arrangements that are “good” for both themselves and their trading partners.  While they were doing business, Russia had the role of standing tall against the U.S. militarily as most recently illustrated over the Syrian conflict.

Deals and power have shifted greatly since the 2008 financial meltdown…as has the location of the worlds’ gold.  More gold has been delivered out from the Shanghai exchange than is reported to exist in the Ft. Knox, West Point, and Denver and San Francisco vaults combined.  A huge number for sure and an operation that has taken close to 5 years but…where did it come from?  THIS is a very important question, actually the MOST important question.  If 8,500 tons have gone from West to East it could not have come from anywhere except from “official” hoards.  Yes, GLD and the ETF’s have bled but never had this type of supply.  The LBMA has lost 1,300 tons this year but still only a dent in the total moved through Shanghai.  The only place where this type of tonnage could have possibly come from is from official “stacks.”

Has the U.S. actually burned through the “people’s gold?”  Have we been sending gold “held” for other countries (think Germany) to the East?  As I mentioned above, “who would (could) even be this foolish?”  The most simple answer is “no one,” this was planned and we have watched as the plan unfolded.  You can call what is about to occur anything that you’d like.  You can call it a reset, a wealth transfer, the “great leveling” as Jim Sinclair says or you can call it what it is…a trap.

Was it a “trap” for American policymakers?  No, but as far as the average American citizen is concerned, “trap” pretty much sums it up.

We have been led into amassing a national debt that is unpayable.  We have been “encouraged” to use debt, more debt and even more debt in our everyday lives.  Going all the way back to the early 1990’s with NAFTA we watched as manufacturing jobs were shipped overseas.  We sat back and watched as the treasury was looted with TARP as well as other programs and the coup d’ grace is a healthcare plan that costs more, provides less and comes with a penalty if you do not “buy it.”  Along the way we have readily given away our personal liberties and freedoms in the name of “safety.”  To top ALL of this off, we have given away the family jewels (our gold) while suppressing the price we received for them.

No one who has done even the most brief of investigations with an open mind should be surprised when the sun comes up and the “trap slams shut.”  It is now too obvious to anyone and everyone who wants to know the truth what the truth really is.  We are broke.  We have lived beyond our means for far too many years and the Chinese have assumed the role of the U.S. in the early 1900’s with a kicker…they have our gold!  China has done this without firing even 1 single bullet!