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Regarding my article yesterday titled, Another Big Effort for GATA, I would like to make clear that GATA (Chris Powell and Bill Murphy) have knocked on any and all doors financial, regulatory, official and to the press.  For 15 years they have made information available to media all over the world, regulators all over the world and even have had meetings with sitting U.S. Senators and Representatives.  They have knocked on all of these doors regarding their proof of gold manipulation yet they have gotten very little, almost no response AND no coverage.  You see, these pieces of puzzle “proof” are just plain “bad for business.”  It’s bad for brokers to sound “conspiratorial,” it’s bad for confidence in the system and it’s bad for confidence in our “leaders”…but it is the truth!

While at the Jim Sinclair conference I heard Jim say something that is so obvious, so common sense and so connected…and I have even written about it but stupid I didn’t break it down to reality.  He answered a question and said, “We do have bread lines, you just don’t see them…where do you think the 50 million Americans would be without food stamps?”  I have written several times on this topic (and try to break things down to a common denominator) yet never “got there” on this one.  Subliminally?  Yes of course and I’m sure it is the same for you…but, where would these people be?  They would be standing in lines all over the country waiting for soup, bread, cheese or whatever…and ON THE NEWS!  Can you imagine the “confidence” this would instill?  Might this “spill over” elsewhere?

“Elsewhere” like into the banking system?  Might seeing bread lines cause some depositors to run to their bank and take out at least “some” balances?  Well yes of course it would but “technology” plays a bigger role.  A “bigger role” just as food stamps does in hiding hunger.  Any “run” that occurs…you and I will not see until after the fact.  After the fact as in after the bank is closed or “bailed in” with part of your balances saving the bank.  You see, any run will be electronic and unless you actually work close enough to the actual transfers (the run), you will never see it.  There will be no “lines” cluing you that you need to be “in it.”  Any bank run of an individual bank or of the system itself will happen obscured by technology’s veil; you will only see the “truth”…after the fact.

In the 1930’s there was no way to hide what was happening.  Banks were closing; people were out of work and standing in lines.  Even though they didn’t have I-phones at the time, photos and film clips did exist.  In today’s modern world where “you can’t do anything” that’s not filmed…the truth is obscured everywhere that you look for it.  The “truth” of our economic and financial numbers is “made up.”  We could have a bank run today that takes all deposits from a bank yet the Fed could “loan” them everything that was lost…and the bank will open Monday morning as if nothing happened!

My point is this, YOU need to dig for the truth…for YOURSELF.  There is information out there for you to do this.  This process is made difficult because you have to sift through all sorts of “disinformation” from many sources that should (were at one time) be real and reliable.  In a world where nothing “is” as it is portrayed, the obstacles to finding the truth are large and on a systemic scale.  Gold is portrayed as bad or “weak” when in fact it is solid and will again be the foundation of finance and your financial survival.  Gold is to the dollar like sunlight is to a vampire.  There are many and various reasons that the Fed and other central banks want you to believe that “gold is bad” or weak or not even money at all.  There are many and various reasons that they don’t even want gold at the edges of the “radar.”  They have every reason to have done everything in their powers to turn you away from gold as money.  You have only one job, dig for the truth and figure it out for yourself even as you are constantly being misdirected away from it… don’t be fooled and know this truth!