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In the early 2000s – when markets were “reasonably” freely-traded – I constantly surfed Yahoo! Finance chat-rooms, where discourse about various stocks was ongoing 24/7.  Not that all posts were constructive – far from it – but there was enough intelligent discussion to make them an integral part of my due diligence process.  However, as the “decade of misery” progressed, financial chat rooms essentially disappeared, the victim of an ongoing, mass EXODUS from the stock markets…

Strangely, they were largely replaced by political chat – or should I say, ATTACKS.  I’m not talking about dedicated political websites, but stock chatrooms, such as Cisco, Newmont Mining, and others.  A few dozen posts about Newmont’s mining prospects were replaced by hundreds of vicious, often unsubstantiated ATTACKS – featuring innuendo, propaganda, and lies.  Worse yet, such attacks were focused less on specific politicians, than DEMOCRATS VS. REPUBLICANS.

I believe politics are the most divisive institution in HISTORY, blindly beckoning people to believe, against all visible truths.  Religion requires faith in things that cannot be proven – and thus, serves a useful role in society.  However, politics generate faith in proven liars, thieves, and ne’er do wells, creating mosaics with ZERO relationship to reality.

I rarely comment on politics, other than to say I hate ALL politicians – except Ron Paul and a handful of others.  In my view, “Democrats” and “Republicans” are ONE AND THE SAME, as ubiquitous as “JP Morgan” and the “U.S. government.”  Aside from sideshow social issues like gay marriage and abortion, both parties have served the same interests – finance, military, pharma, etc. – for decades, and BOTH have destroyed the economy with DEBT, DEFICITS, and MONEY PRINTING.

Nixon may have taken us off the gold standard), but spending programs dating back to FDR – and particularly, Lyndon Johnson – created Nixon’s “Hobson’s Choice”…

He chose…poorly

The “great Ronald Reagan” fathered the deficit-spending disease America is dying from – and in numerous RANTS, I have demonstrated that Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II were as profligate spenders as Clinton and Obama.  Reagan and Clinton tend to be “lionized” because they were LUCKY enough to be President during economic upcycles, but the FACTS show that they, too, spent well beyond their means.  Perhaps the most vile PROPAGANDA of all emanates from Republicans that lambast Obama’s spending policies, when Bush II was easily the most reckless spender of the past 30 years.  Like the aforementioned example of Johnson preceding Nixon, Bush set the stage for Obama’s own “Hobson’s Choice.”

He chose…poorly

I voted for Ross Perot in 1992 – a true hero in many ways – read On Wings of Eagles – whose “giant sucking sound” pleas were ignored by all, but 100% CORRECT.  In 1996, I voted for Clinton – mostly because I HATED Bob Dole – and in 2000 I voted for Bush; mostly because I disliked Gore, but selfishly because my oilfield service business was decidedly better off with the pro-drilling Bush.  I had no clue Bush would turn out to be a monster – but then again, who’s to say Gore would’ve done any better?

In 2004, I voted for Kerry to get Bush OUT, and when that failed, I voted for Obama to get the “Neo-Cons” out.  In both cases, I couldn’t care less who won, only that the “known quantity” of bad people were voted out.  I remember Obama’s inauguration in 2009, when my wife was caught up in the “hope and change” charade – along with tens of millions of Americans desperate for life to improve.  I told her things would only get worse, and couldn’t have been more right.

I don’t hate Obama any more than Bush, Gore, John McCain, or any of the slime that have vied to “run” America.  They ALL have track records of financial and social ruin – as Congressman, Governors, Senators, and sometimes businessman – like Mitt Romney.  Which is why it amazes me that people take such strong stands in the DEMOCRAT VS. REPUBLICAN debate, as if either party cares one lick about YOU.  To the contrary, “THEY WANT YOU DEAD.”

Why am I writing this?  Frankly, because readers are inundating me with anti-Obama emails.  Some with FACTS, some with PROPAGANDA, and many about his birth certificate.  Heck, I even got one scrutinizing his tax returns – from a supporter of Mitt Romney, who won’t even disclose his tax returns.

In the big picture, it MATTERS NOT who becomes President – and that includes Ron Paul, Superman, or Jesus Christ.  The U.S. is past the “point of no return” – on multiple economic, political, and social fronts – and I can GUARANTEE the nation’s ills will grow dramatically worse in the coming four years.  Frankly, the only REAL positive progress Ron Paul could make would be in the fields of diplomacy – something WARMONGERS like Bush, McCain, and Romney sorely lack; and transparency, an area Bush garroted and Obama disemboweled.  Diplomacy and transparency won’t save the U.S. economy – and dollar – from crashing, but will certainly lessen the potential for SOCIAL UNREST and WAR.

And so you have it – Ranting Andy’s Politics 101.  In essence, I am a realist, and couldn’t care less about “platforms” of the same LIES told for centuries.  I ASSURE you the debts, deficits, warmongering, and theft of civil rights will accelerate as the END GAME unfolds, and it MATTERS NOT if Romney or Obama are “leading” the charge.  Conversely, what people should be worrying about is the appearance of militant demagogues looking to sequester the masses while they pillage and destroy.  Certainly, Obamacare fits the description of a policy created for such a purpose, but now that the Supreme Court has been bought off – read “S.C.O.T.U.S. TURNS U.S.A. TO R.U.S.S.I.A.” – don’t count on Mitt “Romneycare” to reverse it.  And if you think Obama was a bad communicator, all I can say to Romney supporters is caveat emptor.

I don’t know who I’ll vote for November 6th, but I ASSURE you it will be based solely on my search for the “lesser of two evils.”  Irrespective, I will NOT allow the Ranting Andy blog to be overrun – like the aforementioned chat rooms – with worthless, vindictive political fodder.  We are here to intelligently discourse on the necessity of REAL MONEY to rule the land, and that’s EXACTLY how my commentaries – and MAILBOX – will be formatted.  The “ULTIMATE DIVIDER” is politics, but the “ULTIMATE UNITER” is gold!


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