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It’s been an incredibly busy week, since we’ve been back to Minneapolis.  I spent all day Monday around the house getting everything back in order.  Tuesday was my first day back in the office in six months. Today, we have to attend a funeral, tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor for my annual physical, next Tuesday it’s my six month visit to the dentist – and I have to finish my taxes.  I’ve found the time to put together the daily newsletter for you, but my own comments will be sketchy.

Living in Miami for the winter was anything but a vacation.  We were busy every day and had 13 separate groups of people stay with us from late December until the end of March.  It’s good to be back to a “normal” schedule.  Yes, South Florida is great, especially in the winter, but as they say, there’s no place like home and Minneapolis is our home although I am now officially a Florida resident and spend more than six months out of the year there.

Now that we’re back home in Minneapolis, we have decided the “quality of life” is more superior here than in Miami (apart from the weather).  The traffic there is unbearable, but you get used to it.  The food is better here.  People are friendlier here, but we did make several strong new friendships in Miami.  Life here in Minneapolis is just more laid back and of a higher quality.  I guess you have to get away and live in another part of the country to see how special the Minneapolis area really is.  Being officially a “snow bird” now, I can tell you that it is pretty nice.  Susan and I have the best of both worlds.  Hey, we both worked like a dog for 45 years to make it happen.

We wrote fewer orders than usual but several were very, very large. Big money is moving into the industry, really big money. Our remarkable new storage program in Canada is setting Miles Franklin apart from the pack. Rick Rule (Global Resources/Sprott) and Jeff Clark (Casey Research) are sending people our way with regularity. We have agreed in principle with BFI in Zurich (our former business partner in the 90’s) to join together and expand our storage options, which will include Montreal, Zurich and Hong Kong. We are becoming The Force in this industry. Now that more “heavy hitters” are moving into physical gold and silver and their orders are seven figures, there is a definite need for safe reliable storage, especially offshore non-bank storage. Call 800-822-8080 for information.

Here’s another line item headed for the trillion-dollar mark fast, that few are considering the impact of.
The most endangered species on the planet, the pensioner.