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Sorry to be so direct, but this is RANTING ANDY, not some kowtowing “newsletter writer” looking for subscribers, or “MAINSTREAM” shill trying to avoid scaring anyone.  I’m here to PROTECT you, and this is what I’ve repeated for years to those naively believing markets can be “beaten” with superior analysis and savvy.  Sorry, they CANNOT, as ALL PAPER MARKETS are government-controlled “death traps.”  You can believe me – and preserve your capital in an increasingly capital-starved environment – or cast your fate in the arena with government-controlling institutions, which spend their time raping and pillaging the investment landscape…

JP Morgan Complicit In Vatican Bank Money-Laundering

JP Morgan Under Investigation for Manipulating Power Markets

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JP Morgan’s Addiction to Gambling on Derivatives

JP Morgan’s Other Messy Problem: MF Global’s Missing Money

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JP Morgan Predatory Swap Deal Pushes Alabama County Into Largest Municipal Bankruptcy In U.S. History

JP Morgan: High Frequency Trading a Form of Parasitic Market Making

Libor scandal spotlight on Citi, JPMorgan

When I say THEY WANT YOU DEAD, I mean TPTB want LESS PEOPLE ALIVE, and ALL OF THEIR MONEY.  They have no conscience, remorse, or empathy – and if you don’t believe me, take a look at the exploding dependency rate of the word’s masses.  In the U.S. alone – the “world’s greatest nation ”-  half its population on the dole, from a BANKRUPT, INSOLVENT, CANCEROUS zombie of a government, with just ONE tool at its disposal to keep the “tagged livestock” in their pens – the PRINTING PRESS…

United Welfare States of America: In 2011 Nearly Half The Population Received Some Form Of Government Benefit

But these people aren’t stupid.  They know too well the PRINTING PRESS game is on its last legs, and are thus preparing for the “new world” of chaos, war, poverty, and inflation.  In their eyes, the less people the better – particularly if they can steal the masses’ assets before their “financial deaths.”

By the way, they are also WELL AWARE of their “Achilles Heel” – or “Kryptonite” for Superman fans – PHYSICAL gold and silver demand.  Thus, will do anything to prevent the masses from realizing this.  Their most effective means of preventing an outbreak of “gold fever” is financial “execution” – via the lethal stock, bond, real estate, and – particularly – PAPER PM markets.  This way, you are eliminated as a threat, and MUST join the ranks of the “United Welfare States of America”…and Europe…China…Japan, and EVERYWHERE their fiat currencies will shortly die.  Which is to say, EVERYWHERE!

I am here to PROTECT you, and the only way I know of – which has WORKED for 12 years – is trading in your worthless fiat scrip for ITEMS OF REAL VALUE, such as PHYSICAL GOLD and SILVER, FOOD, ENERGY SOURCES, and OTHER LIFE NECESSITIES.  It is the only way to avoid the sure “financial death” you will endure if you attempt to challenge TPTB in their rigged, malignant, PAPER markets.  And the only way to ensure SAFETY – financial and physical – after the inevitable FINANCIAL ARMAGEDDON.


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