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I have out of town guests staying with us this weekend.  My comments will have to take a back seat to our personal obligations – but, the following release from Jim Sinclair is really all you need to know.  I suggest you take to heart what he has to say.  I do.

Defend Yourself By Not Giving In – jsmineset.com

January 24, 2013, at 7:34 pm
by Jim Sinclair

My Dear Friends,

Please do not fall for this classic manipulation. Please do not make the gold banks happy by giving away your physical. Please do not throw away gold shares because the hedge fund have worked black PR so well that they even have convinced some well known community physical gold merchants of their bear position of shares.

How many times have you seen this not to recognize what it is? Well, this is the big one and last play to denude you of your position. Remember, for every seller there is a buyer. Has not every reaction in gold since $248 attempted to do just that? This big one is no different.

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