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We sure got off to a nice start today.  Who says that “they” don’t “paint the tape?”  Of course they do.  Couldn’t let gold and silver finish 2011 with momentum.  Now, hopefully, the next three or four months will be kind to the precious metals, as they usually are.  THIS is the strong season for gold and silver.  Maybe the Cartel will use these low prices to buy back in and close out their short positions that caused the fall in the first place.

I have never done this before, but in today’s daily, I am presenting just one article, a long one at that, because it is so well done and sheds light on the most important issues we faced in 2011 and where we are headed in 2012.

2011 Year in Review: signs of an American Spring and a Fourth Turning by Cornell professor David Collum.

I borrowed this masterpiece from one of my favorite sites, LeMetropole Café.  If you don’t subscribe to the Café, you really should check it out.  It is surely one of, if not the best source of information that forms the foundation for the intervention-rigged-market views that you read from both Andy Hoffman and myself.

Professor Collum’s article is a must-read.

Great job, professor Collum!!  You should be teaching political science and economics, not chemistry.