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On April 15th, the world “celebrates” the 100th anniversary of the sinking of Titanic, the “unsinkable” ship.  Unfortunately, aside from Molly Brown and a handful of others, the ship was decidedly sinkable, taking the industry’s finest engineering and 1,513 souls to the bottom of the Atlantic.  Whether you consider the tragedy “an act of god” (the iceberg) or man-made (callous speeding in iceberg-laden waters), its historical impact ranks with the most infamous of events.

By the way, it might interest you to see that the headline below, announcing the death of 1,200-1,500 people, was superseded by “J.J. Astor Lost on Titanic.”  Once again, mankind’s morbid fascination with “fame,” even undeserved fame such as Astor’s.  The deceased was not the John Jacob Astor, but John Jacob Astor IV, his largely undistinguished heir.  The Astor name is well-known for fame and power, but like the East India Company – the topic of my February 29th RANT, “THE WORLD’S MOST EVIL COMPANY” – its vast wealth was largely built in the opium trade.  In other words, drug dealing.

Back to the Titanic, its anniversary will certainly be attributed significant pomp and circumstance, including a re-release of the world’s most watched movie in 3-D.  Unfortunately, the far more infamous “TITANIC ANNIVERSARY” occurs later this year, on December 23rd.  Hence, the plural title of this RANT.  And that event, of course, is the end of the Federal Reserve’s 99-year lease to “independently” mint money and set monetary policy for the U.S. government.

The Titanic’s sinking had significant societal impact – as well as on shipbuilding – but no major long-term ramifications.  The Federal Reserve, however, launched the world toward the GLOBAL FINANCIAL CALAMITY we face today, not coincidentally months before commencement of the World Wars that destroyed hundreds of millions of lives.

Given the growing, universal animosity toward the Fed’s hyperinflationary policies – except among its OWNERS, the major money-center banks – one would think details of the lease renewal process would be publicly discussed – especially during a key election year.  However, the media is SILENT – and the internet BARREN – on the topic, which I have a hard time understanding.  Despite the fringe topics I discuss, I am by no means a “conspiracy theorist.” Irrespective, it is difficult to understand why NO ONE is discussing it, even Ron Paul.  NO ONE has been more anti-Federal Reserve than Ron Paul – and anti-Treasury as he futilely seeks a Fort Knox audit.  However, he, too, has not mentioned the 99-year lease in either public missives or campaign speeches.

My guess is the Fed will be secretly renewed by December 23rd, though I have no idea of the process for such approval.  Heck, even Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry on the topic.  And it will keep operating the PRINTING PRESSES at an accelerating rate until the dollar is destroyed – and with it, countless international currencies anchored to it – and with it, any slim chance of the majority of the population PROTECTING itself.  Clearly, the Fed’s existence is a “national security” issue, but like the other two U.S. Central Banks before it – the second of which was abolished by an Executive Decree reinstating a gold standard – it, too, will eventually be destroyed by hyperinflation or abolished by executive order.

As far as conspiracies go, my only real question regards the coincidence that the end of the Federal Reserve’s 99-year lease – on 12/23/12 – is just two days after the end of the Mayan calendar, on 12/21/12.  If the Mayans are right – and ARMAGEDDON ensues – perhaps the Fed will never be abolished!