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The originality also comes from the layout – three secondary indications and three distinct ways to display them.

A snail cam is mounted directly on the tourbillon arbor, driving a ratchet gear and allowing the seconds hands to advance along an arc, and then suddenly jump back to recommence at the starting point.

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In 2013, Blancpain came at Baselworld with a brand new addition to the collection: the Bathyscaphe, a pure and vintage inspired edition of their dive watch, with a simple and highly legible dial / bezel combination.

The beast part-2, the lightweight 2015 Panerai Mare Nostrum 52mm PAM00603 ; 5 years later, while listening to the concerns of collectors who found the PAM00300 way too heavy (even if it was faithful to the original), Panerai re-created the Mare Nostrum in 52mm but this time in titanium.

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Crystal : 40,6 mm diameter sapphire glass with anti-refect coating.

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