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I have been recording Audioblogs weekly for more than three years, 166 to be exact.  However, for the first time in memory, I’m taking the week off – as frankly, last night’s debate shook me so thoroughly, I need to control the emotional outpouring such free-streaming commentaries unleash.  As frankly, I’ve been working harder than ever to spread the words of truth, protection, and sensibility, and need to maintain my strength ahead of what I fear will be the most difficult times America, and the world, have faced in generations.

Such fears cannot come as a surprise, for anyone who has followed the accelerating collapse of the global economy; even here, in the world’s supposedly “strongest economy,” as evidenced by the relentless litany of weak data, like yesterday’s multi-year low in the Cass Freight Index, and largest housing starts crash in five years.  This, despite all said data being manipulated to overstate activity, particularly ahead of the election; including, yes, the blatantly “commandeered” American Petroleum Institute (private) and Department of Energy (public) oil inventory data, which  nonsensically have been reporting – “coincidentally” since OPEC’s faux “production freeze” proposal – large inventory withdrawals at a time of year when inventories typically rise, despite global production hitting an all-time high last month; demand clearly falling, as depicted by abysmal global trade data; and worldwide inventories at record highs.  Not to mention, U.S. oil production bottomed earlier this year, whilst rig counts have relentlessly surged, to an eight-month high as of last week.

To that end, like so many other recently enacted schemes, the “powers that be” have created – at least, until the election – a means to manipulate markets with these fabricated weekly data points.  Just as they have with the at least weekly, and oftentimes daily, “de facto FOMC statements” from the scripted lips of various Fed Presidents and Governors; as well as with “special situations” like the soon-to-collapse “systematically most dangerous institution,” Deutsche Bank, through carefully placed rumors when the stock, and thus sentiment, is its weakest.  I mean, is it coincidence that just after the fake “imminent DOJ settlement” rumors two weeks back, when Deutsche Bank was literally on the verge of collapse, it managed to sell $4.5 billion of (essentially junk) bonds?  Which, I might add, is just a drop in the bucket, compared to the potentially limitless write-offs and legal liabilities DB faces.

Or that Saudi Arabia, after yesterday’s latest round of nonsensical rumors – that “many countries are interested in joining the production freeze” – was able to raise $17.5 billion; also, at essentially junk yields; just in time to pay the hundreds of contractors it’s in arrears with?  To that end, in today’s world of historic fraud, does anyone actually believe leading Western Central banks and/or governments were not involved in such “de facto bailouts?”  Which again, I cannot emphasize enough, are mere drops in the bucket, compared to Deutsche Banks’ and Saudi Arabias’ unpayable liabilities.  And how about this?  I kid you not, literally as I’m writing this paragraph, a new Zero Hedge headline popped up, noting “rumors” that China, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi are considering major Deutsche Bank investments.  I mean, even Goebbels wasn’t this good at lying!

Irrespective, no matter what schemes are concocted, what frauds perpetrated, or who is elected – here, in Europe, or anywhere else – the global economy is doomed.  As now that history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme is unraveling, more rapidly with each passing day, the only possible resolutions are outright debt repudiation or hyperinflation; the latter of which, is the course all Central banks and governments – in most cases, one and the same – have taken throughout history.  In other words, nothing economic will be able to take me by surprise.  Nor monetary, as discussed in Tuesday’s self-explanatory titled “upcoming Central bank nuclear explosion.”

That said, the political course is another story altogether, which is what today’s extremely important article will focus on.  And by the political course, I don’t just mean in the States, but the entire, debt-infested, economically-collapsing, migrancy-plagued  world – where regime changes like the BrExit; the upcoming Catalonian secession; and the peaceful – and not-so-peaceful – overthrow of countless other governments, political unions, and major establishment orders will soon be understood to not be exceptions, but rules.  Which, given the global nature of trade, communications, and political ties, will have a cumulatively devastating effect, far broader than at any time in history.

That said, in a world where America has the largest military, the most debt, and a “reserve currency status” enabling it to dictate inflationary trends to allies and enemies alike, what happens here has by far the most pervasive global impact.  And given that the, without question, most important election in U.S. history is less than three weeks away, the near and long-term fate of countless billions lies in the balance.  And no, I’m not being hyperbolic, as the difference between a Trump-led America, and a Clinton-led world could be as far-reaching as any singular crossroad in global history.

To that end, I have spent several months detailing my views about Clinton and Trump, as the scenarios of their potential Presidencies have unfolded.  Quite obviously, my level of alarm has risen to DEFCON 1 status, as depicted by the recent topics I have written of and discussed, like “mark this date, global war has arrived”; “was Goebbels right?”; and “when all else fails, they take you to war.”  Let alone, the fear engendered in “a tear for America, and one last ray of hope”; and the desperation to avoid a Clinton presidency, in “the most important article I’ve ever written.”

And yet, what I have witnessed in the past two weeks alone has not only run a chill down my spine, unlike any since 9/11, but genuine made me doubt America’s ability to exist as it once was.  As quite clearly, the “powers that be” of the world’s most powerful country, best described as a partnership between the Clinton/Bush crime families, and a vast network of global special interests, will do “whatever it takes” to maintain power.  After which, I fear, “whatever it takes” to consolidate this power on a worldwide basis, even if billions of “99%” lives are destroyed in the process; perhaps, mortally.

From the viciousness of the anti-Trump smear campaign- which frankly, puts all others before it to shame; to the brazenness, and immunity from, the crimes against the nation, and humanity, that the Clinton family, campaign, Foundation, and Administration have been publicly found to be guilty of; to the unfettered bellicosity of its anti-Russian rhetoric; the historical rigging of polls, betting odds, and sentiment by a corrupt, captured, collusive media; a sociopathic Wall Street establishment, more vicious and world-destroying than ever; and a hideously scheming, out of control Central bank with its foot on the throats of savers, and finger on the hyperinflation button; never before has America, and the world, been so vulnerably situated in harm’s way.

And then there’s Hillary Clinton herself.  Who, after last night’s tour de force of lies, invective, propaganda, and lunatic policy proposals – assuming she’s even healthy enough to enact them – should leave no doubt as to what she will do to America, the world, and you if “elected.”  Frankly, I slept less than three hours last night worrying about it, and will spend a great many more sleepless nights until the matter is settled November 8th.

To that end, I have NEVER witnessed such unabashed hatred; belligerence; and I’m sorry, I call it as I see it, Nazi-like propaganda lies and propaganda unleashed in a formal debate process, in my entire life.  Let alone, in a nation purporting to be the beacon of global freedom, fairness, and jurisprudence.  No doubt, I expected Clinton’s debate “strategy” to be far less passive than the second debate, when Trump humiliated her, leaving her for all intents and purposes speechless.  However, even I could not imagine her campaign’s updated “strategy” – this, from the same people outed by thousands of heinous WikiLeaks and the disturbing Project Veritas undercover reports – of lying through her teeth, in the most vindictive, sociopathic manner imaginable, in essentially every recount of hers, Trumps, and the nation’s historical record.  Heck, even the generally speaking excellent moderator, Chris Wallace, allowed her lies to pass through him like a sieve, in never challenging a word she said, even when contradicting herself.  As apparently, if you say something confidently enough, no matter how untrue, it must be true.  Or better put, in the words of Goebbels, “if you tell a lie big enough, and keep repeating it, people will come to believe it.”

But that wasn’t even close to what worried me most – although, if there’s anyone, like me, that believes temperament is important, Clinton displayed, front and center, a lack of temperament, and tact, so egregious, it made Trump himself appear tame.  Which quite obviously, should strike grave fear into the hearts of anyone realizing this woman, who paradoxically deemed Trump “the most dangerous man to run for President in U.S. history,” may just three months hence have the keys to America’s nuclear codes.  And given that she, yet again, used the forum of the most widely watched debate in global history, to repeat her completely unsubstantiated claims that the Russians are committing political espionage, how can anyone believe a war with the world’s other major nuclear power, led by a man who not only is far smarter, but now has China in his corner, would not be the direct – perhaps, immediate – result of a Clinton presidency?  Not to mention, the potential for an all-out Middle Eastern conflagration, yielding untold human and financial damage; and a far larger, more destructive wave of global migrancy than the (principally U.S.-caused) one that is devastating Europe today?

And then there’s her economic proposals – which aside from being patently insane, and fraudulently presented, validated entirely what I have said all along.   Which is, my greatest economic fear, that we will officially become the Socialist States of America upon her election.  Let alone, if the rumors are true that Clinton’s first choice to replace Janet Yellen at the Fed is none other than Mr. Atlas Shrugged himself, Lary Summers.

Again, there’s not a shred of hyperbole in this statement – as last night, in unleashing the ultimate vote pandering gambit, to a nation of mindless dependents desperate for the nanny state to “save” them, she essentially showed herself to be a carbon copy of Bernie Sanders himself, proposing free education for all and the “largest infrastructure jobs plan since World War II.”  Let alone, the single-payer (i.e. government-run) healthcare system she has made no secret of favoring; the imperialistic military plans her State Department have demonstrated; a broad, nationwide increase in the minimum wage; and frankly, the generally no holds barred attitude about fiscal responsibility she couldn’t have more blatantly revealed.

And how does she intend to pay for it, you ask?  Simple, by raising taxes on” the wealthy,” as well as corporations that already enjoy some of the world’s highest tax burdens.  Which incredibly, she not only believes will generate jobs and prosperity, but I kid you not, actually claims will not add a penny to the national debt.  Ladies and gentleman, such madness is befitting more of Venezuela or Zimbabwe, and we are that close to having it implemented here – particularly if the imploding Republican Party, which literally destroyed itself by attacking its own candidate, suffers the equally horrific fate of losing control of the Senate, the House, or god forbid both.

That said, let’s return to today’s principal question, of who’s “better” for Precious Metals.  To that end, recall that I last month claimed a Trump victory – which may yet occur, but will be propagandized as “impossible” for the next three weeks – would have the financial market impact of “BrExit times ten,” given how unexpected it would be, shocking to the system, and emblematic of a runaway trend of immediate global trend change, starting with the world’s lone remaining “super power.”  That said, a Trump victory, like the BrExit referendum for the UK, is unequivocally – by many multiples – better for America.  And thus, after the initial shock – which frankly, could in and itself catalyze “the Big One” that destroys the global monetary system – I believe the outlook for the dollar maintaining its reserve currency status; and generally speaking, the potential for peace; would be viewed far more likely, and favorable.

To the contrary, a Clinton victory is clearly more “expected” – that is, skillfully propagandized as a fait accompli that “markets” have “priced in.”  And thus, it’s difficult to see, ceterus parabus, a major market reaction if that were to, as widely anticipated, occur.  That said, it wouldn’t take long for her insane policy proposals and military ambitions to start to be “discounted” by the world, in my view.  Which cumulatively, can have no path other than an accelerated road to hyperinflationary ruin.

Of course, all this is occurring amidst a violently unstable world – politically, economically, and socially.  Thus, the inevitable “worst case” monetary scenario could rear its ugly head at any time, irrespective.  That said, again, “all else equal,” Hillary Clinton is unequivocally “better” for Precious Metals, given her all out economic, military, and diplomatic recklessness – let alone, her chronic criminality; likely, ill health; and abysmal track record of across-the-board policy failure.

In other words, the world is damned if she loses, and damned far more if she wins.  And this, as financial markets are being held together with glue and scotch tape ahead of the election, as the global economy collapses, Central banks hyperinflate, and political regimes the world round are in various stages of failure.  To which I ask you, what on Earth are you waiting for to protect your financial assets with real money – particularly with gold and silver having already been smashed ahead of the election, to ensure the powers’ that be’s desired result?