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We got the following Email(below) on Monday.  Many of our readers also read Larry Edelson over at Money and Markets.  His May 27th article is quite different from what you read on these pages.  He states that he is right and most everyone else is wrong about gold.  The truth be told, he has been pretty accurate, so far.  Tomorrow, I’ll write about how his views compare to what Jim Sinclair’s conclusions are – and offer my views too.  Just remember, we all have an opinion, but no one has a crystal ball.

Below is an email from one of our readers regarding Larry Edelson’s Article:

 Hello Andy and Dave,

 I have a high opinion of your group because your group gives logical analysis of the economy and precious metals relationship to the economy.  I would like to know what you think of this article by Larry Edelson. It is very interesting. I think you already have seen this comment and advertisement and I hope you give (me and maybe your online fans) your opinion of Edelson’s views. Economics is definitely a soft science that seems to conclude varying forecasts or predictions or guesses that can be contradicting  (especially in the short term) and definitely difficult with the governments and the banks “hands mixing the pot”!!

Thank you. Justin