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It’s 3:30 AM MST, and I’m writing because I couldn’t sleep.  I see the 2:15 AM capping algorithm arrived on queue for the ninth day in a row – and 102nd time in the past 114 trading days; as I knew it would, given PM’s strong day yesterday and the upcoming COMEX options expiration on Monday.  Just as Bill Holter noted that JP Morgan reported EXACT (“.000”) gold tonnage delivered to its COMEX warehouse this week – in an event with odds of occurring once in four million years – the Cartel’s machinations have become so obvious, the ENTIRE WORLD is awakening to it.  The Chinese and Russians are well aware of these financial crimes; and thus, are buying PHYSICAL gold in record amounts.  Heck, even long-time allies like the Saudis are starting to realize America’s leaders mean them harm; and thus, are acting accordingly.

Consequently, it’s inevitable that PAPER crime centers like the COMEX are destroyed; yielding the end of a worldwide fiat Ponzi scheme that has ravaged the lives of “the 99%.”  And frankly, the sooner the better, regardless of the temporary pain we will ALL endure…

US Dollar purchasing Power

For the record – as I haven’t published the “minutia” of Cartel operations in some time, here is how they act to “calm” PM momentum, even amidst a significant up move as we are currently experiencing.  Below is gold’s reaction to Congress’s “deal with the devil” last Thursday, in which it essentially discarded the “debt ceiling” permanently.  After having been slammed $100/oz. in the month following September 18th‘s wildly PM-bullish “no taper” announcement, gold was allowed the rare 2+% rise.  However, its gains were stopped cold at 12:00 PM EST – i.e., the “cap of last resort”; from whence it did its usual “late day fade”…

24 Hour Spot Gold BId 10-17-13 2358

The next two days, the Cartel did their usual “post-surge PM sentiment quashing”; starting at the 2:15 AM open of the London PAPER “pre-market” session,” and following through all day to make sure the “late day fade” frustrated potential buyers…

24 Hour Spot Gold BId 10-21-2013

Tuesday, gold surged again; finally breaking through the six-week Cartel “line in the sand” at $1,330/oz.  Thus, they simply moved up said “line” to $1,340 and $1,350 when demand really took off yesterday.  Remember, Tuesday’s NFP report was so bad, there’s no longer a sole on Earth anticipating “tapering” until next Spring – if at all; you know, the very thing that has been supposedly holding PM prices down for the past year.  As you can see, Tuesday’s gain was capped at EXACTLY the Cartel’s typical “upside limit” of 2.0% and Thursday’s at EXACTLY 1.0%.; while in all three cases, prices topped at EXACTLY the 12:00 PM EST “cap of last resort,” followed by the typical late day fades…

24 Hour Spot Gold Bid 10-24-2013 2151

Meanwhile, global PPT operations continue to blow bubbles of epic proportions – pushing stock valuations to levels as egregiously overvalued as history’s most destructive market tops.  Worldwide debt is being run up parabolic ally in all corners of the planet – from the U.S., to Japan, to even Australia; not to mention, inflation, amidst collapsing economies everywhere.  And thus, it’s just a matter of time before government start grabbing citizens’ assets DIRECTLY.  How ANYONE can not realize what’s coming is beyond me; and until it inevitably arrives, rest assured, the Miles Franklin Blog will continue to EXPOSE the truth and EDUCATE of its consequences – starting with the inevitable HYPERINFLATION that will destroy the finances of those holding their net worth in worthless scrip instead of REAL MONEY.

Speaking of Miles Franklin today marks my two-year anniversary as its Media Director.  Until joining the firm in 2011, I had already been fully invested in Precious Metals for nine years, having published FREE missives on the topic as far back as 2005.  However, it wasn’t until this platform was offered to me that I was able to truly leverage my “brand” onto the global stage; and for this, I am grateful to its co-founders, David and Andy Schectman.

For those not aware how the bullion industry works, it is unregulated.  In making numerous PHYSICAL purchases from 2008 until the present, I had to teach myself how the game works, through shark-infested waters including numerous sellers devoid of ethics – let alone, customer service.  To the contrary, Miles Franklin has been providing the industry’s best service for 24 years, with a talented team of brokers averaging 18 years of PM experience.  We are price competitive, work above and beyond the call of duty, and oh yeah, distribute FREE, daily newsletters featuring the industry’s most knowledgeable writers.  I challenge anyone to find a more dedicated, talented team of “good, smart people” than David Schectman, Bill Holter, and myself – who each day, seek to educate you of the REALITY that is the global financial world.

When I started here in October 2011, dollar-priced gold had just reached its ALL-TIME HIGH price of $1,920/oz., while silver was just a few months past its own ALL-TIME HIGH price of $50/oz.  Since then, the Cartel – sensing its imminent demise – has attacked PAPER PMs with a vengeance even I have never seen, causing our industry to fight through significant headwinds.  We struggled to match 2011’s record results in 2012; but this year, Western sentiment has been damaged too much to keep up the pace.  Quite amazing, actually, as Eastern PHYSICAL demand is not just strong, but off the charts.  Chinese gold demand will likely end the year double its 2012 levels, for example; and as I wrote in August, when I was fortunate enough to visit China, there is NO DOUBT that everything we read about is REAL.  Heck, even the U.S. Mint is experiencing RECORD demand for Silver Eagles; and since they are clearly not being bought by American investors, you can “bet your life” its Eastern investors stocking up on them.

In the two years I have been here, I have been privileged to write to an audience of 20,000+ readers each day; a number, by the way, that is growing rapidly.  Individual podcasts have reached as many as 45,000 people; and judging from the emails I have received from Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Panama, and half of Europe, Miles Franklin’s message is clearly “going global.”  I have had the privilege of giving presentations in half a dozen states; and thanks to the internet and our talented media team, have been able to reach people via media outlets not imaginable when I worked on Wall Street.

I look forward to humbly serving the public in the same manner until the system experiences its bitter end; and hopefully, you appreciate the effort Miles Franklin is putting forth in this manner.  If you have any questions whatsoever – about the global economy, the Precious Metal markets, or the bullion trading process, please give us a call at 1-800-822-8080. And don’t forget our Brink’s storage program in Montreal, Quebec; in my view, the finest storage program in the Western Hemisphere!

Thanks for all the support you have given me in these past two years, and please continue to ask as many questions as you like – as that’s what I’m here for.  Remember, my job is marketing Miles Franklin products and services, but my passion is PROTECTING the public from the financial destruction being wrought by global governments and Central banks.