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Check out the following YouTube video on Federal spending.  See why the deficits can never be eliminated.  Very well done.  This is one to watch and pass on to your friends.

United States Budget Dilemma

Monday finished pretty much where it closed on Friday.  Gold is still clinging on, above $1,630 and silver is still above support at $30 (barely).  It may look like the metals are stuck in a rut forever, but they are not.  Things should turn around in the next month to month and a half.  Just be happy you’re not heavily invested in mining shares now.  All the articles suggesting that now is the time to buy – well, I think it’s a bit early and still quite risky.  As Andy Hoffman says, there will be a time to buy the shares, but only after the Cartel has lost control.  That even is not imminent.