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As some of you may know I am an avid horseman.  Below are 3 videos recently taken of my horse Principe’ and I riding together.  I originally bought him some 6 years ago as “just a horse” to trail ride and have some fun with.  When I first saw him I knew that he trotted “differently” but had no idea that he had as many different gaits in him… neither did he!  About 3 years ago I was on a ride with some friends.  Principe’ and I were “arguing”, and a man came over and asked me if he might work with my horse for a month… 5 days a week and see if he could “fix” him.  I knew who this man was, he was one of the 3 best horse trainers in Costa Rica so I was more than pleased to let him work with Principe’.  He had him for only 20 months until I shipped my buddy up here last April and I have worked with him by myself since then.  We ride 4-5 miles everyday, I use no saddle, no spurs and we haven’t used a “bit” for the last 3 months.  We use a “hackemore” (just a piece over his nose) which I was a little skeptical of because he is a lot of horse and being an Andalusian he is “hot” blooded and tempered.  In any case, Principe’ has become a better horse without a bit and his tail is almost always held high.  He will let me stand on him, he bows, will rear up on command and stops any trot or canter with no reign pressure when he hears the word “bueno.”  Speaking of “bueno”, he only responds to Spanish commands with few exceptions.

I hope you enjoy these clips as Principe’ has become more than I dreamed of and am fortunate to have as smart and graceful an animal as “mi amigo”.   Enjoy!

Bill Holter and his horse Principe’ – Part 1

Bill Holter and his horse Principe’ – Part 2

Bill Holter and his horse Principe’ – Part 3